Colder near the Great Lakes

In this case something like 20 degrees colder here at the moominbeach than in the city of Sault Ste. Siberia. There were lots of folks walking around in tank tops and shorts in Siberia today. Me? Well. I still had a polartech jacket on. This morning was dern cold at the moominbeach. On a Great Lake. The one they call Gitchee Gumee. I was okay. A hot shower got me going and I know how to dress for this stuff.

I walked the beach this morning and all was good. About nine-something I, well, I dunno, I just felt my mood slipping a little bit south. I like to be alone a lot and I have been alone a lot but, well, I dunno. I needed a walk. I needed a long walk. One where I could kind of just sorta float… And think… So I strapped my sandals on over my polartech socks and hoofed it up the road here. I often walk the road over to the Birch Point range lights and turn around. Today, I walked past that, up to the western part of the road. I hung a right and hoofed it past Milligan Rd., where our fellow Planet Ann Arbor / Birch Point Beach boomerangers and recent Hollywood celeb shmoosers live.

I walked down to the beach there and then I hung a right. Back toward Birch Point and the moominbeach. Well. Of course, the first thing I did was try to cross a stream and sink my left foot in “quicksand”. Okay… I found a firm area of sand, sat down, and took off my sandals and polartech socks. What the heck? I walked across the damn stream in bare feet and on down to the Birch Point range light. And then on the beachside back to the moominbeach.

I spent the afternoon with The Commander. I wanted to bring her out here for the afternoon but it was too dern bloomin’ cold here. So we did a bunch of errands in Siberia and sorted out some paperwork at her house and watched the boats at Brady Park for a while. And, uh, played Angry Birds… She got “high score” at one point… And then, she went “back” and I had whine on the bank in front of the Old Cabin. And the moomincabin wifi actually reaches out there, at least with my iPhone. It is a new world.

Oh, and I am okay. Don’t worry about the blasted mood slippage. Life has its ups and downs and challenges. I am dealing with a challenge these days. I felt better after my walk today. I almost always do.

Love you all,
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “Colder near the Great Lakes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I need to take a long walk too. My mood has been “south” all weekend. 🙁

  2. jane Says:

    “cooler by the lake.” indeed. which is part of the beauty of that spot in front of the old cabin — just enough wind block that you can sit comfortably* if the sun is shining. and wi-fi enabled! can’t wait to join you there!

    *comfortably wrapped up in any number of layers. 😉

  3. l4827 Says:

    Nice photo of da point. Looks like lots of sun shine up there. We’re glad to hear that you are the Happy Wanderer. We’re looking forward to Wandering Happily UpThere soon also, but right now we’re busy just trying to stay away from celebs following us! 🙂