doodle-oop whooosh doodle-oop blangety-blangety-blang doodle-oop

What a cacaphony! It is a Friday and so I walked downtown after work to meet up with the GG at the Old Town Barrrooooom, or, “that place the family goes”, if you are The Commander. Usually, when I walk downtown on a Friday evening to meet the GG at, you know, “that place”, my routine is to start my iPhone pedometer app and text him every quarter mile (it blings at me every quarter mile) with my progress. Until I get to the railroad bridge. At that point, I text “Drop Acid, Not Bombz” and it is his job to flag down a waitress and order me a ‘hattan.

Today I decided I would multi-task on the way down. Instead of running my pedometer app, I would get The Commander on the phone and do my daily check-in with her while I was walking. The procedure for calling The Comm is to call her iPhone and, if she doesn’t answer (because she can’t get to it quickly enough), to text message her that I’m trying to call. She either calls me back or texts to say, “call again”. Tonight she tried to call me back but her phone decided to dial DogMomster instead. And thus, a wild round of text messages and phone calls ensued between me and DogMomster, me and The Commander, The Commander and DogMomster, me and the GG, and possibly the GG and The Commander although I’m not really sure about that one. I did finally get connected with The Comm but I got cut off just before the Drop Acid, Not Bombz bridge, so I gave up and texted her that I was about to enter a noisy barrroooom and I would talk to her in the morning. I did send her a few photoooos throughout the evening.

After we ate, we walked around at the annual Mayor’s Green Fair. Oh, and yes, I did sign a petition. I am sorry. I actually *agree* with some of our wondrous governor’s *goals*. I just disagree with how he plans to achieve them. I’m not going to go any further with that tonight. I am outta steam. I know that a recall effort will probably not be successful. But I still feel compelled to exercise my right as a citizen and registered voter to try to recall an elected official whose performance I am not happy with.

3 Responses to “doodle-oop whooosh doodle-oop blangety-blangety-blang doodle-oop”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a very interesting Friday night! Text sleight of hand, a Fair, politics, whew. I feel boring in comparison. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    After a nice gin-din, GreenViewing, petitiion-signing, …… We ‘wheel around’ in a bicycle like contraption made in Germany that had seated in circular format 8 pedal pushing ‘green’ want-a-b’s, which tooled up and down Liberty street. Wouldn’t cha know, one of the ‘8’ was a film maker and asked each of the other 7 to give recorded ‘permission’ to be used in her video should we make the cut. ‘ Oh James, could you park the Bentley closer next time? ‘. 🙂

  3. Pooh Says:

    14827, your description of the wheel around bicycle with eight participants intrigued me. I was able to find a link from the mayor’s link. Very unusual. I forwarded the link to my sister Jay, who is very clued into office politics. Wider bike paths, please, we’re in conference!