It is daylight in the swamp and it is a WORK weekend!

Okay, I am not grumpy any more. At least not that much. I was GRUMPY because my blasted FEET were bothering me yesterday, of all things!!! Me, who walks umpteen billion miles a day. This is a direct result of using the Green Kayak a couple weeks ago. I could not for the life of me get the damn foot rests to MOVE for the longest time and when I FINALLY managed to get them to move, I could not move them into a COMFORTABLE position. WD40 anyone? Er, well, not so much, since the mechanism is not metal. Still, there must be SOMETHING that would make it work better. More USE, maybe? Anyway, I cramped my feet all up on that trip and they have been very intermittently bothering me ever since. Better today but still a twinge here and there.

So, nothing but bits and pieces of housework today. Catching up from spending the spring as a nomad. I actually accomplished a few things but my day was so boring that, when I made my daily phone call to The Commander this afternoon, she said something like, “Well, you don’t really have to call me tomorrow if you don’t want to.” Roight. Gotcha Moom. But I will. Or maybe I’ll take a day off and get the GG to do it. Or any of y’all could call her. Lemme know if you want the number. (Of course, I mean people who KNOW The Commander. Others need not apply.)

Er, I had a diatribe going about this article about some of the cuts the Planet Ann Arbor school district is making in order to comply with our loverly governor’s loverly new budget. I have mixed feelings about this… What do others think about school sports programs?

And then there was this plane crash. Of course (!) this is a tragedy (latest radio reports are that the young man is in critical condition, not serious). But then. WTF? The pilot has already had a plane crash in which his wife and two children were killed. He is [was] still flying his own plane? Why?

I wish I was at Houghton Lake! The Uncly Uncle and [probably] The Beautiful Gay are there. And… Last but not least… The Beautiful Julia and Her Beautiful New Daughter, The Beautiful Alexandria!!! Love you guys. Not sure when I’ll get to Houghton Lake again. Hope it’s sooner than later but…

2 Responses to “It is daylight in the swamp and it is a WORK weekend!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad your feet are better! I would hate that too since I’m very active. Does the district already have “pay to play?” That avoids some athletic cuts, but not all. My attitude is that we all need to feel the pain, whether that’s in schools across the curriculum and in extracurricular, in businesses(yeah, right) and at upper income levels. But I digress. That is freaky about the plane crashes. My grandpa crashed his plane twice but no one got killed; he glided it somehow into a field. In his case, it was poor maintenance and not negligent piloting, but who knows here? Very tragic.

  2. Becky Says:

    That Alexandria sure is beautiful – I can’t wait to meet her in person!! I wish there was a like or love feature on the webcam pics – they have been terrific. Gay must be there she has a special radar for babies :).