First, what I wrote yesterday about school sports is only a thin, clumsily written little slice of my thoughts on a very complicated subject. Yes, I’m still thinking about it. Yes, there are many things that are *good* about school sports. It is absolutely important to provide students who struggle academically with other ways to shine. I just think team sports are over-emphasized. But then, I feel that way about AP classes too and don’t get me started on those big high school musicals… Even though I once played in a pit orchestra for one of those beasts and had a BLAST!

I’d like to say that I’m surprised that the school district waited until after the end of the school year to announce these cuts in sports. Alas I’m not. I am also not surprised that they left a lot of the stakeholders out of the process. Business as usual. Except that I think elected public boards are playing a particularly dangerous game in this day of social networking by making controversial decisions behind closed doors.

More on this someday. Or not. Onward for now. It is June 27th. Six years ago today it was June 27th and I threw my powerbook and, uh, Frooggy into the Dogha and drove a half mile… Uh, wait a minute! I have Frooggy but not my PURSE? Priorities, please… Got back on the road again and drove 45 miles north to a hospital to say goodbye to my brother. I will never forget standing out in the hoosegow parking lot under a blazing sun with DogMomster thinking, “what did we just do?” Surreal? And just the day before, I’d been arguing with the Uncly Uncle about the Houghton Lake GARBAGE, of all things!

Six years later, this morning also marks a milestone, albeit a smaller one. For me, that is. Some may argue that point. I had a bit of business at the bank today and it is hard for me to get to the bank because I work during the bank’s business hours. Going out to the bank during lunch is like running a gauntlet. So this morning, I faarrrred up my work laptop and emailed my team, “Working from home until the bank opens, then coming in (EOM)”. And so, I sat there tinking away at stuff when my phone vibrated. Telephones drive me crazy, so it was with some annoyance that I wondered, “Who’s calling now?” Well! My phone proclaimed that it was Freighter View. OMG! I had to muster everything I had to not answer it with, “GOOD MORNING, Freighter View!” I have been waiting for a call from FV for weeks now. So, we have a little moving prodject to look forward to over the 4th of July weekend and a few people will subsequently be able to move forward with their lives. I hope.

And yes, I was indeed on the ski team one year. I was a decent amateur downhill skier in high school. I could get myself down ANY hill. By hook or by crook. Style and grace? Not. Ski team material? Not. One of the surreal aspects of that experience? As an 18-year-old senior in 1972, I was legal to drink adult beverages and I would frequently see our young female ski team coach out at the barroom that I used to go to with my boyfriend and his posse.

Onward and upward (I hope!) and goodnight from The Planet Ann Arbor.

3 Responses to “surreal”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Alison was in the cast of Beauty and the Beast(a high school musical) and it’s one of her fondest memories of high school. However, if she hadn’t done it, would she have found other activities that would have been special? Hard to say. I think our local school board is up for a major revamping when elections roll around. There is a lot of anger in this community over just what you describe. (including in my school and in my house) Our principal situation for one. (but not the only issue)

  2. Paulette Says:

    I miss Jim. (sigh) Goes w/o saying. Peace.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I’m glad to hear about the Freighter View call! How coincidental that the call came on June 27th. I miss Jim also, and it’s hard to believe that it has been six years.