Happy Grokiversary to you!

29 years? Kee-reist! 29 years ago today… I drank more coffee than usual. That was not a good thing. I was jittery. My uncle offered me a beta blocker. It’s okay. He was a doc. I politely refused the beta blocker. I drank a couple shots of Jim Beam (or whatever, Sam do you remember?) instead.

There was a lot of kvetching on a certain person’s part about my refusal to wear shoes. Eet ees a beach, fer kee-reist sake. When all was said and done and Grandroobly joined me at the back end of the aisle, I looked down at his feet aaannnddd… They. Were. Bare!!! Just like mine.

Yes, I had one o’ them thar hippie-type beach weddings. Except that I was really not any kind of hippie and I was not the first to have a wedding on Birch Point Beach and my cuzzints who married before me were not hippies either. There were people at my wedding who are not around any more. Duke (Duke Duke Duke, I can still remember him hauling booze around). Don (who offered me the beta blocker) and The White Tornado. Charlotte, The Comm’s wonderful sister and my fav-o-rite aunt on that side. Grandroobly. Radical Betty. . . . . Bubs (who is definitely still alive) wore a gorilla mask. The Goddess Esther (who is definitely still alive) was there and, man, I owe her a thank you note for the support she has provided me over the phone from upstate New York, of all places, these last few months. I love you Esther.

29 years. Are we doing anything fancy? Hmmm… Business as usual on Beach Pt. Beach. The GG aka Suzie Homemaker swept the hell outta the moomincabin today. Farmer Grinch drove Don’s old tractor up and down the road. Kev finished up his new boat trolley. When we went to pick up The Commander from FV, she was actually outside. Taking a walk, *not* waiting for us. I was proud of her about doing that and she is spending the night out here at the moomincabin and she made a beautiful salad. Right here in the Moomincabin. I am proud of her about that, too. The Comm can still cook. I knew that and now she knows it too.

So, we are here and this is our 29th grokiversary and it is us and The Commander and The Grinch and Valdemort and a coupla dawgs. It is what it is.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

8 Responses to “Happy Grokiversary to you!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you have interesting and wonderful memories of the original event and now have great times on the 29th year after that. Pretty cool!! 🙂 Glad to hear about the Commander!!

  2. Marquis Says:

    Happy Anniversary, Anne and Bill!

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I hope your day in the UP was as beautiful as the day was here at HL. Congratulations to both of you.

  4. jay Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Looked like a beach day, with a touch of a breeze.
    I can feel it from here.

  5. Sam Says:

    KW, you remember correctly—we called it a Beam Blocker! And we combined it with beach walking…. Happy grokiversary, KW & GG!

  6. jane Says:

    Happy Anniversary to all the July 4th-ish couples — that’s most of my cousins I think. 😉

    Missing being at the beach, but now done with work for the day and off to have fun here on the Planet.

  7. l4827 Says:

    A big Happy Anniversity to a wonderful couple, ‘Hattins to one an all. We will help out with some belated celebrations at the BPW faarrr tonight mit some Gin_nies too. Tanks fer being at out wedding too. Enjoy!

  8. Karen F Says:

    BELATED Happy Anniversary greetings! Been left with spinning head here in The Great Empty, what with the various Larvae dropping in then speeding northward with barely a hug and a meal together! (Oh, and running off with The Dogz AND the DGSLD, to boot). Oh, and work, too. Weird having nothing for 15 months, then find myself hitting the ground running! So, yes, I am running way behind on a lot of things :-/

    I need to get caught up on the goings-on around here & there…