Shower frogs and vole placentas

Oh yeah, I do have one o’ them thar blahgs, don’tcha know. The ones where baggy old kayak women rant and rave and kvetch about their so-called lives.

I yam at the Group Home at Houghton Lake tonight. You would not believe how much time and how many photooos I took of that weather vane and tree until I got just the right one. Well, actually it wasn’t exactly the right one but it’ll do, I guess.

I was using the iPhone Hipstamatic app. I am trying to decide what little creative type activity I will do with my vacation busman’s holiday this summer. (When I am not doing actual work for the LSCHP, that is. I promised a few hours for something that cropped up at the last moment.) Last year it was cheesy little videos that I posted to facebook from the Green Guy Cafe. This year I am toying with the idea of getting to know what the Hipstamatic app will do. I have more photo apps on my iPhone than I can count. Maybe I will concentrate on *this* one for a week or so. This photooo was taken with [randomly] the John S lens, Big Up film, and no flash. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the pink frame. It gives our northern lake a bit of a Floridian tinge. But what the heck, it feels like Florida here. If you are a regular reader, be prepared for a lot of bizarre photooos for the next week or so…

The Beautiful Gay and Chloe Belle (dog, not hospital CFO) are here. TBG is knitting! I wonder who she is knitting for… 😉 It is HOT here. So HOT that we have the a/c on. Yes, there is central air here. We’ve come a long way, babaaayyy, from the days when we shared a shower with frogs and voles gave birth to their litters in the pocketses of the jackets hung up in the moldy old closet under the stairs.

Best Choice and then Moominbeach in the morning.

Love y’all and good night,
Kayak Woman

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