Things I am annoyed at toady today…

The swarms of moe-skee-toes that buzzed me in the woods this morning.

All of the idjits who are finger-pointing about who is to blame for S&P’s downgrade. Look in the mirror!

Today’s tailgater. Invention wanted: a lucky-shuckyal sign I can mount in my rear window that can display nice little messages when I press a button. Messages like “BACK OFF, BOZO!”

Rodents scrabbling around under the Landfill Chitchen sink.

Pollytishuns who pander to conservative Christians. Or any other religious group. Including garden-variety agnostics, for that matter.

Html buttons that mysteriously do things even when they aren’t attached to any code.

People who are getting paid via my tax dollars who receive perks like automotive vee-hickles and telly-phones that are not needed for a specific *business* reason.

The swarms of moe-skee-toes that buzzed me on my lunch walk.

Rodents scurrying across the top of the Landfill Chitchen stove.

Pollytishuns who lead prayer sessions. I don’t care what faith.

Spending Wasting a couple hours figuring out why a popup window does not, uh, pop up on demand and eventually discovering a missing ” delimiter.

The swarms of moe-skee-toes that buzzed me in the woods this afternoon. Seriously, it is August. What is *up* with all these moe-skee-toes?

The greed and hubris of the investment bankers et al who were (IMO) one of the major causes of our current financial problems. Tell me again what these nitwits do for a living? And speak s-l-o-w-l-y, I’m blonde.

Rodent turds in the Landfill Chitchen silverware drawer.

One Response to “Things I am annoyed at toady today…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rodents and the rats who pass as politicians–I can’t decide what would anger me more.