The star Vega is overhead but you can’t quite see the ring nebula

We live in a garden city here. My neighborhood is one of those ticky-tacky type neighborhoods that were built in the 1950s and 60s. The folks that have been here since the beginning (and are dying now, alas) remember cows grazing across North Maple. Our homes have modest footprints, typically built with three small bedrooms and one bathroom. Additions have happened over the years and run the gamut. There is a woods behind my house. A small woods, but still. And the photooo below is what you see when you look down my street on a rainy August afternoon. You can *almost* forget how many houses are packed together on this street.

Of course, when you have that many trees around, sometimes they fall down. On your house. And car. Twice, friends. Not today. Yet. I did hear a HUGE boom of thunder coming from (I think) the woods behind the house.

Anyway, we walked down to the farmer’s market *early* this morning. We bought a bunch of stuff including a couple of eggplants.

And some of us acted like tourists. Even though I have lived in this city since 1979 and we have owned the Landfill since 1984 and it has been paid off since something like 1997. Maybe we are aiming low here. Whatever…

We were walking home from the farmer’s market and we saw this fungus from all the way across the street. We could put candles on this thing…

As we were trudging back up the long incline toward the far west side of the Planet Ann Arbor, the sun climbed high enough in the sky to make it hot and ugly and moe-skee-toe-ey. I did laundry and chitchen type chores all day and reminisced with facebook type people about our junior high teachers. The GG went over to get more slag.

Storms rolled through in the afternoon and, at one point, thunder and lightning hit simultaneously in the vicinity of the woods. I have not been back there to check if anything got hit. RegenAxe and NpJane came for dinner and I couldn’t repeat all of our conversations if I tried but it was fun and we solved all the problems of the world. I think.

The star Vega is overhead but you can’t quite see the ring nebula.

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