Remote… Data… Concentrator…

So, it is late and I am having trouble figuring out what to talk about or where to start. The GG is babbling away about his [very good] job and his upcoming trip to Montana and I cannot get a toehold into the space that I need to write even the most basic incomprehensible kind of blather that makes up the majority of my blahg posts.

I have been kind of slodging along the last couple weeks. My job has been in one of the relatively slow periods that it sometimes gets into between prodjekts. I had to drag myself out of the Landfill Chitchen today. But then, things started picking up. Dev and QA peppered me with at least a billion picky little questions. I live for that stuff even when it makes me think on my feet. Or maybe *because* it makes me think on my feet. The LSCHP actually threw a staff meeting together to regroup with us and assign new work (yay!). And I got an actual joke (a work kind of joke) from an unexpected person and that made me smile.

And then… I got a text message from none other than @mouseleen. “Getting off at 5 & going to the Plum Market, and then do you want to take a walk?” [er, something like that, anyway]. Well… Yes!!! We didn’t do it in exactly that order. We met at the Landfill and grabbed some Plum bags and walked a couple of miles. We walked down toward West Park, passing my work buddy W1.5’s house at one point. All kinds of people [and dogz] were out walking this afternoon. It was nuts. We eventually made our way over to Dexter and headed up to the Plum Market and then home to the Landfill, where we met the GG and we all walked over to our loverly neighborhood pub, Knight’s, for dinner.

A serendipitous day. May we all have a few of those here and there.

Love y’all and g’night,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great day with an unexpected walk and dinner with the family. Very cool!!