Night of Skunks!

Once upon a time, I used to walk my kids to school. A half-block down the street, past the Deep Dark Scary Woods and into the schoolyard. I always walked them over there in the early grades but once they got to the H-team, I didn’t much bother except when I needed to go over there for PTO business. The H-team was 3rd and 4th grade and the H-team teachers (there were four) did not let the H-team kids into the building until they were darn good and ready to. There was a lot of backpack whacking and stuff. Mouse in particular did not seem to mind me walking her over there and hanging around outside the H-team door with her. Maybe I was a somewhat mitigating factor for the backpack whackers? People, your kids are not cute when they hit other kids with backpacks. Control them! It’s kind of like owning dogs, in a way.

Anyway, Mr. K of Multiplication Blues fame was one of the 3rd grade teachers (probably still is, actually :-)) and one morning, when we arrived, Mr. K mentioned a strong skunk smell wafting through the schoolyard. Well. *I* had first noticed the skunk smell at that batscope hour of the night. In fact, I think that was what woke me up that particular time. It was skunky all over the neighborhood the next morning and, when I told Mr. K that there were skunks everywhere, he replied, “Night of Skunks!”, in a horror movie type voice.

It was skunky around here last night. I don’t know who is bathing their dog in tomato juice this morning but the smell lingered until mid-morning, when Froggy and I grabbed a couple o’ bagels and some cream cheese @Zingermans @Plummarket and took them over to Mouse’s beautiful balcony. I think that in a perfect world, Mouse would probably like to be living downtown on the Planet Ann Arbor. Or maybe on a totally different planet somewhere.

My Mouse has an uncanny way of landing in cool apartments. I still miss her little studio over in Kalamazoo. We would go over to K and take her out to breakfast and hang out in her apartment before whatever show she was acting/directing/costuming/whatever went on. I would monkey around on the internet and the GG would nap… Her current place is not large or luxurious. It is really nice but it is typical apartment housing for folks who can pay their rent but are not quite ready for kidz and dogz and a mortgage. I have lived in a few places like that myself. This is a fine apartment. The balcony? OMG. I love sitting on Mouse’s balcony in the late morning on a late summer day with bagels and coffee from Mouse’s french press and Froggy and iPhones and…

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