Blarg. I have to blahg, I guess.

Not that it’s that bad. I just don’t feel very clever tonight. Not that I ever am. I’m sitting here at Radical Betty’s and it’s going on 9:00 and the sun is still going down and I don’t even feel like walking the beach, I just feel like crashing out and I feel like that’s okay. I am tired. Today, I commandeered Radical Betty’s Laundromat for about the fourth time this week. I think (hope) it’s the last. Since Mouse and the GG are hanging here into next week, I think I can coerce them into a trip to the Lockview Laundromat. We ate at Clyde’s today. The “adults” or whatever you wanna call me, the GG, and NP Jane were in one vee-hickle and the “kids” or whatever you wanna call three 20-somethings were in the other. I love Clyde’s but I usually feel like I have to just about take a shower to get the grease off me. I do remember when my grandma used to take us there. We would be staying at her house when our parents were out of town at a bank meeting or whatever and it would be Friday night and my Grandroobly would be working at the bank and Grandma Margaret would drive us down to Clyde’s for dinner. Hamburg on a bun, everything but. She’d say. That’s what I order now. And so. Grokkery store, recycling center and back out. Beach slugging ensued, although we *still* have wind and it was only a semi-beach day. Eggplant parmesan, pesto, and leftover veggies from yesterday for dinner tonight. I remember that house in the picture from when I was a little kid and we would take the long-cut into town.

Obviously, I don’t have a lot to say. G’night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. Your own Kayak Woman.

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