8/3/08 1:33 AM: doodle-oop! “just landed in sf, xo”

KW jerks awake, grabs phone, types “xo” and flops back to sleep.

And then, while I was walking — not on the beach — this morning, I realized that I may have *typed* “xo” but what got *sent* was “So”. Stoopid iPhone autocorrect! I mean, yesterday was a looooonnnnng day. Left da Yoop (say ya, eh?) 9-ish, home 3:30-ish, Metro 5:30-ish, flight late leaving (incoming traffic). Watched flight (off and on) on flight-tracker (or whatever it was) until it approached the Nevada border. Hey, Apple? There are times that I *like* autocorrect. But I wish there was a big red “disable” button that I could hit to turn it off just for a short text message or email or whatever. I did NOT mean to say “So” in that message!

The pics below are *not* where I am today:

One Response to “8/3/08 1:33 AM: doodle-oop! “just landed in sf, xo””

  1. Sam Says:

    Yeah, that auto-correction on the iPhone drives me nuts—most of the time!