[Petty little first-world] things that annoyed me today

I picked my way slowly down the middle of my street at 0-skunk-30 this morning, warily watching for a white stripe in the dark. I made it all the way to the schoolyard without an encounter, only to be accosted out of the blue (or black would be more like it) by a big friendly [dumb] golden retriever. Again. I do not dislike dogs. Actually, I *like* dogs. But. Your dog does not belong in my personal space unless I invite it there. I don’t care how friendly it is. Keep it under control!

We interrupt this list of petty grievances with a fun fact from W1.5: Skunks can be trapped with a special trap that does not have enough height to allow them to raise their tails, which they need to do to spray. He knows this because he once had a family of them living under his porch.

If I had a dime for every facebook post I’ve seen in the last couple days complaining about the most recent batch of facebook changes, I would be rich. I understand the frustration and I would NEVER un-friend someone for posting such a thing. It’s a free country with [arguably] free speech. But. 1) Facebook is free. 2) Facebook has *always* had a confusing interface — that hasn’t changed. 3) Facebook is a *social network*. Let’s pour our outrage into something real, like the state of our wondrous country’s economy, for example. 4) Facebook is free.

Uh, P. S. What *I* don’t like about the latest FB changes is that they are calling all of the posts “stories”. What?

To the woman in the pretty blue Prius who wanted me to let her into the neverending left turn lane at the Jackson/N. Maple intersection: This is the third light I’ve sat through. Go to the end of the line.

I fergit what else and you are happy about that! What are y’all doin’ this weekend?

3 Responses to “[Petty little first-world] things that annoyed me today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been too busy to worry about FB, so I haven’t. It’s ho hum to me. I’ll adjust to it or quit using it. As long as the posts(stories!) are sequential, I don’t care. And it is FREE. I hate people who think they don’t have to wait their turn. Argghh!!

  2. l4827 Says:

    ‘white stripe in the dark’s chased us out of A2. We’re heading north for a rocket trip to the safety and serenity of da UP. Now about the bears …..

  3. DogMomster Says:

    @Margaret – it’s FB’s insistence that I *HAVE* to use the “TOP STORIES” and that it HAS to be on top of everything else that is irking the hell outta me. It may be free and all that, but seems to me I used to have a certain amount of control as to whether I wanted to have a “top stories” view or a “chronological” view. Like you, I prefer *chronological*. And, yes, it’s cumbersome and clunky and not terribly friendly. And free.