The Biggest Air Conditioner On Earth

“Do ya wanna go swimmin’?” I asked Bubs as I headed down to the beach on the path between the Old Cabin and ours tonight after dinner. It is frickin’ hot here and she said, “Maybe.” I couldn’t help remembering all the times I prob’ly yelled that at my cousins over in the old cabin when we were beach hooligans and Bubs prob’ly thought something like, “jeez, I hope they aren’t gonna ask me to watch them!”

I headed on down to Radical Betty’s and grokked at her: “Do ya wanna go swimmin’?” She pretty much did but first we got into looking at some photos she had dredged up out of her old hat boxes. As we were looking at those, Bubs came along with her swimsuit on.

We all spent the next half hour or so out past the second sand bar bouncing around in water up to our necks. It was cool. I mean, I think we are just about the coolest people on earth. And I also mean that it was just about the coldest and most comfortable place I could think of to be today.

Me and my dad’s two sisters. Love.

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