Today… We wanted to walk to the farmer’s market this morning but the weather just plain sucked and so we didn’t. I told the GG to stay asleep at 0-skunk-30 this morning and then I took my usual dark walk and it was both rainy and windy so I had to hold on to my blasted umbrella. Quite the slodge.

So, the usual shopping for toilet paper and all of that stuff and then the dern University of Michigan vs. Michigan State feetsball game came on and, well, I eventually had to go for a walk. The GG was jumping up and down and pacing and flying his remote-controlled helicopter and it was making me a nervous wreck. I could not care less about football and for quite a long time, I couldn’t even quite figger who he was rooting for. He graduated from MSU but we’ve lived here on The Planet Ann Arbor for so long that I thought he might be rooting for U of M.

Oh well. MSU won. I’m okay with that. I could not care less about football but, if I had my druthers, I’d’ve had U of M win today.

Anyway, I couldn’t stand all of the jumping around and pacing, so I took a walk down to West Park and back. And then Dogmomster arrived and we walked around the neighborhood and then we ate at Knights and now it is late and I am about done writing anything.

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