Small and somewhat infrequent doses

I walked over to the Plum Market after work today. I strapped on my handy dandy backpack this afternoon and off I went.

I got my grokkeries and I chose what I thought was the shortest line over at the Plum Market this afternoon. But. The cashier was flirting with the guy ahead of me. I suppose he was young and good looking. I guess. He had blonde curls. And a British accent. He was dressed in tweed. He told the cashier he was studying for a graduate degree in English literature. I don’t think I would’ve been interested in that guy. He seemed like Caspar Milquetoast to me. But whatever. I wanted the cashier to stop talking to him. And ring my stuff up. So I could get the heck outta there. I mean, she dragged that checkout process out absolutely forever. I am okay with young love or whatever it was but I didn’t think that Caspar Milquetoast was Mr. Right for this dynamic young cashier. She certainly was quick about ringing up my grokkeries. No reason to flirt with me.

They need a uscan at the Plum Market. I know that they are trying to provide super service in upscale grokkery stores but for a baggy old kayak woman, uscan is the best service.


2 Responses to “Small and somewhat infrequent doses”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I was at the store behind a bunch of people with lots of items and no express lane. That made me crabby! We have express check out but I don’t know how to use it very well. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    that British accent will get me every time!