Things I am not flinging.

I flung some Halloween paraphernalia. Yes I did. I’m flinging a lot of stuff. This box used to be jam-packed with Halloween paraphernalia. It is now half full. I USE this stuff. My spiderweb socks and my Halloween Mardi Gras beads and my spider deely-bobbers and my spider-web fabric. It does not contain any of our skeletons (we have three) or our Halloween lights. Those all have a place. I will not fling them.

I am not really into dressing up in full-fledged costumes. You won’t ever find me dressing up as “Bender” like Valdemort did. I saw that on Facebook and I thought, “Is that really my niece inside there? How does she see where she’s going?” It was so cool I showed it to the Long Suffering Cat Herding Person. *He* happened to know who “Bender” was and he was so excited about it that he launched into a half-hour soliloquy about Futurama. Okay. Now I know who Bender is. These days, I accessorize for Halloween. Socks and beads and stuff. I’m giving a nod to the spirit of the holiday without sacrificing comfort.

Things I cannot fling… I won’t give you a complete list but I cannot fling the tiger costume. Even though it hasn’t fit anyone in the family for about a gazillion years and even though the original wearer never did like it very much. As you might be able to see. I tried to get her to say “Grrrrr” and she learned to say that but I think she was just humoring me because when she actually went trick-or-treating, she said “shoe on” everywhere she went.

I’m not really sure if the costume was uncomfortable or if my Mouse may have been thinking something like, “Jeez moom, you have picked the wrong aminal.” She probably *was* uncomfortable. She did look happier once candy was involved. Mouse was forever taking hats off. It would be 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) with blowing snow and I’d be carrying her from the car into the Westgate Kroger and she would be pulling off her blasted hat. But it could also be that she was already calling herself Mouse at the ripe old age of 18 months but wasn’t quiiiite able to articulate that to us. Even though she could count to 10 and string together perfectly enunciated sentences like, “Would you please read this book to me?”.

Hat tip to Stargazer (who you know as Margaret) because it seems one of her girls was once a tiger cat for Halloween.


2 Responses to “Things I am not flinging.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That costume does look eerily like ours except with more poof!! Both girls wore that costume and one of them for two years straight. (Ashley maybe?)

  2. Pooh Says:

    Hey, does that make you a “Tiger Mom”? LOL