Things that spiral and create great devastation

There are tornado warnings in the Toledo area tonight, which is not too far south of here. We had some good thunderstorms today. Nothing severe but multiple storms rolled through and there were some decent boomers. This kind of stuff is more typical of summer than November. This afternoon, I overheard Broosie saying something like, “better this than snow and ice.” Not sure how serious he was though, since it’s almost time for Snowy and Snowy to arrive and I bet he is staging his cube for them.

Harrumph. I remain grumpy about a few things and one of them is football. Today, I read yet another story about a University of Michigan football player getting arrested for “home invasion” or whatever. I’m not gonna link to it. A University of Michigan football player! Come on. These things happen all too often. Stealing beer from party stores. Crashing borrowed SUVs. Going to parties and getting people drunk and raping them. Home invasion. This guy wasn’t armed and no one was hurt (according to the poorly reported story). I don’t care. This stuff is thuggery and worse. I KNOW that not every young man who plays football is a bad guy. I *know* that there are plenty of football players who are good people. They go to class and study and practice and *respect* others. I mean that they respect people who are teachers or elders or people who are not as big and strong as UM football players but worship them because popular culture has raised them to an unearned pedestal. There are a lot of Big 10 football players who do NOT steal beer or rape people or invade homes. Why can we NOT weed the THUGS out of the sports programs? I mean both players and coaching staff. I just don’t get it. Well, I probably do get it but I am disgusted by it.

I have a lot more to say but I will quit for now because if I keep going, my words will tumble out of my mouth as if I were one of those vomiting pumpkins, which always make me feel like vomiting. Which I HATE to do!

2 Responses to “Things that spiral and create great devastation”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There have been some UW and WSU players who need their own police blotter. Sad that they can(sometimes) continue to play. They ARE thugs.

  2. isa Says:

    This is a five-star post!!! I love the last two sentences, mama. What a kicker.