I think I’ve earned a new battle ax today

I know I have NOOOO reason to complain about my stupid little commute to work. It is eight miles and five of those are on the I94 18-Wheel Clogway. Which is almost always pretty much un-clogged when I have to drive to and from work.

Today? I left work just after five. The sun was shining and I would’ve seen it setting when I drove past the airport if I’d been watching. When I got onto the westbound Clogway, traffic was moving as usual except that I had the wondrous luck to merge behind a beer truck and, because there was a ton of fast traffic in the left lane, I was chugging along at about 50 (mph) for a while. Just as I saw an opening big enough that I could accelerate into the left lane and pass the beer truck, all of the tail lights in the world lit up. Okaaayyy. Plan B. I exited on Ann Arbor-Saline Road and spent the next half hour sitting in long lines of traffic waiting for red lights to turn green.

I did eventually get home. It was dark as I was dredging stuff out of the Ninja and my phone lit up! The Commander! Moom, can I call you back in 10 minutes or so? Yes. Should I call your iPhone or landline? Either. I called her iPhone and she answered it! Yay!!!

Besides all of that, is anyone else incensed buy the latest school lunch bill? The one where they are talking about classifying a piece of pizza as a vegetable? We had a corporate-sponsored pizza lunch today. I love these pizza lunches. I don’t have to pack my own lunch when the company provides lunch. We get a huge variety of pizzas at these lunches, thanks to our building “mom”. She is the best! I chose two slices of pizza with [different] meat toppings today. Just because. And I had a big serving of salad.

Seriously, I like pizza once in a while but a small amount of pizza sauce is a *vegetable*? Sorry but vegetables are those things that they sell at farmer’s markets or around the edges of yer fav-o-rite grokkery store or maybe you grow in your yard if you don’t have a black thumb like yer fav-o-rite blahgger. Chopped up veggies may be sparsely sprinkled over the top of a pizza but there is no way the pizzas that are served in our schools can in any way shape or form be counted as a vegetable serving.

To me, these pizza days are a treat! I don’t eat like that every day and I don’t *want* to eat like that every day. My regular packed lunch includes a small container of whatever leftovers I can scrabble together, green salad, and an apple or whatever fruit is in season.

2 Responses to “I think I’ve earned a new battle ax today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A French pizza has lots of vegetables on it, but not an American one. I LOVE pizza and am thrilled when we get some at school, but a vegetable, no. Of course I get a BIT disgruntled when we have weather days(or this last strike in a neighboring district) and we’re accused of letting kids starve because there is no school. Hello? Whose responsibility is it to feed these children?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I was thinking about this too. Actually I was remembering when we used to go home for lunch 50 years ago. For about a nano-second, I thought something like, “maybe we could send kids home for lunch”. And then I remembered. Of course, we can’t because: 1) a lot of kids are bused to school, 2) nobody’s at home, and 3) what Margaret said. So we feed the children but we feed them crappy processed food and that helps fuel the “obesity” issue. Where does it all end and why can’t we elect some legislators with a little more common sense?