A tweetable day

6:10 AM: 24 degrees and I can’t find my winter boots. Anywhere!

6:13 AM: Three pairs of socks are warm enough with Chaco sandals. And my ski jacket.

7:10 AM: Ordering a new pair of boots #llbean (((and a cashmere dress #jjill))). Up next: Yaktrax!

7:57 AM: Yes I do have two vee-hickles idling in the driveway. Count ’em. And just try to arrest me!

8:45 AM: In which rodent eradication efforts attract owls. Just don’t wear a fur hat.

10:10 AM: Um, if a package is delivered for me today, DON’T LOOK AT IT!!!

10:40 AM: I thought I heard talk of Star Trek emanating from the LSCHP’s office but it turned out to be butters.

10:40 AM: Fighter jets are buzzing us here at Avis Park???

11:09 AM: GG tweets “#OCCUPY”. Occupy what? The Blue and Only Bathroom?

11:50 AM: Brilliant sunshine, fierce wind, almost enough to make little whitecaps on the ponds.

12:01 AM: Spooked a flock of ducks or two.

12:04 AM: …and The Admiral, who then got the ducks going again.

12:11 AM: Still a thin skin of ice on one of the ponds.

3:16 PM: In which I learn that my regular commute is hosed by a semi truck that rolled over just off my regular exit near the Jackson/Maple mega-intersection.

4:58 PM: Country roooooooads, take me hooooome…

5:43 PM: So glad that was: 1) a wrong number and 2) a Planet Ann Arbor wrong number. Phone calls make me jump out of my skin! Especially when the phone is in my pocket…

5:49 PM: Washington / S. Seventh crosswalk: A woman standing on the island in the middle of the crosswalk WITH A STROLLER waits while no fewer than three vee-hickles race through without seeing her.

6:03 PM: Drop acid, not bombz!

8:?? PM: All right, getcher hat sox on and let’s hoof it back over to the left side o’ town 😉 😉 😉

9:19 PM: G’night, –KW

3 Responses to “A tweetable day”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Nice post

  2. Margaret Says:

    This is tweeting? 🙂 I have a limited number of texts I can do without paying more, so I don’t think I can tweet. It’s a mini-status update? We are supposedly going into the 20s tonight and possibly getting snow. We’ll see. No one can predict snow accurately in this area; we’re too close to the Pacific.

  3. l4827 Says:

    That was a nice dinner with ya’s as always …… Cold outside (drive home) , farrr in the fire place, bed.