Black Friday

The first time I heard the term “Black Friday”, I had to ask what it was. It was not all that many years ago and I was taking a Photoshop class at the community college. The assignment had been to create a holiday postcard. Mine was the winter solstice or maybe Tip-Up Town Weekend or something. One young man made a Black Friday card or I suppose anti-Black Friday would be more accurate. I knew that the Friday after Thanksgiving was a big shopping day but I hadn’t ever heard anyone call it Black Friday before. This year? I think I am getting something like 50 spam emails a day with the subject “Black Friday”. NPR was talking about Black Friday ALL morning. And people have apparently been camping out in front of Best Buy all week.

I have patronized exactly three business establishments today. A McDonald’s restaurant (yes, for coffee, what were you thinking?). The Best Choice specialty grocery here at Houghton Lake. And a gas station. You will not find me waiting in line *outside* any store any time of the day or night. I *hate* crowds and I can’t think of anything that Best Buy or Tarjay or Woldemort or Macy’s has that I need to wait in line for.

That said, I don’t really have the energy to rant and rave and kvetch about Black Friday or those who participate in it. I can even see how some people might have fun getting together and going to the mall at 4:00 AM or midnight or whatever. Or camping out at Best Buy all week. (I wanna say “Occupy Best Buy” but I am on the internet enough to know it’s already been said — about a gazillion times.) I can EVEN see how it could be fun to WORK at a store during Black Friday but I probably better not say that too loud…

I think it would be nice if our society was a tad less rabidly consumed by “stuff” and sale prices and special “deals” et al. But I doubt anything I have to say on my blahg is going to change that and anyway I buy “stuff” too. If you are a regular, you know that I have “stuff” because you have read about my recent flinging prodject (intentionally misspelled). We have TVs and kitchen gadgets and computing machines (computing machines up the wazoo) and clothing and books and don’t even ask me about stuffed aminals. I buy a LOT less stuff than I used to and I don’t buy stuff on Black Friday unless it’s stuff I NEED. Like coffee. Or food. Or gasoline.

Anyway, we got up early and drove up here to Houghton Lake. And I just have to say that today has been *anything* but black. Unseasonably warm temperatures and blindingly bright sunshine all day long. We moseyed over to the Reedsburg Dam this afternoon and took a little hike along the water there. There is hardly anybody out here on Long Point this weekend. I guess everybody’s over at Woldemort.

What did you buy (or not buy) today?

P.S. What is up with Best Buy anyway? I don’t have anything against Best Buy. It saved our “lives” when Mouse’s iPod died 12 hours before she was scheduled to fly to Africa for six months. But what is Best Buy selling this Black Friday that people had to camp out for? I do not understand.

5 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I bought paper for Christmas letters, had photos printed, winter tires installed, etc. Lots of small activities. I don’t believe in Black Friday, but whatever floats people’s boats and helps the economy, right? I agree with you about the emphasis on THINGS and bargains; what I dislike the MOST though is how people act around this time of the year. Gets me immediately out of the festive spirit.

  2. Sam Says:

    RE: Mickeys: I was thinking French fries. But you’ve moved on…since Newberry? haha

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    We left the cottage at 9:13 A.M. Sorry we missed you! The HL Woldemort was empty at 10:45 A.M. Parked right in front and was first in the check out line. Got some good deals on toys for some special little people in my life. Only 1 toy was gone. The K Market was about the same. Got what I wanted (including the toy that was gone at Woldemort) and left the building. (Actually I was 3rd in the checkout line there but it went fast.
    Birch Run – walked in, got what I wanted and left the store. Same for Doug. Susie had a similar experience at Tarjay in Fenton. Not a bad day for Black Friday.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I didn’t buy anything yesterday. Marquis bought lunch at Pi, our dinner at the food court at the mall, Blues tickets and downtown parking. Not exactly knocking off our Xmas shopping, but I refuse to go anywhere near a big box store or mall on black Friday. I’d much rather support Small Business Saturday, but not even sure I’ll do that today.

  5. l4827 Says:

    The only thing we bought on ‘Black Friday’ was light strands which replaced a coupa shorted out strands on the house. Then we had to replace those strands. We finished around 7 PM, guess we missed some of the crowds …… 🙂 Probably will do some Small Business Saturday support as Pooh mentioned.