grok grokka

Grokka grok grok. Whaddami gonna do? grokka. I’ve been wi’ my owner since she was in abou’ fif’ grade. grokka ‘n’ now she’s movin’ to Cali. grokkagrok I kinda wanna stow away w’ ‘er but I’m afraid if I git all th’ way t’ Cali, I’ll never see Green Guy again ‘n’ he’s jus’ abou’ my best frien’ in th’ worl’. grok grokka sniff But if I hafta stay ‘ere on th’ planet, I’ll be stuck w’ th’ ol’ witch! grok snorkle grokka. One time me ‘n’ Squeaky (the cute li’l grey Mouse, not my aunt) somehow got onna train goin’ ou’ t’ Delaware, t’ th’ ocean, ‘n’ we couldn’ figger ou’ how t’ git back, ‘n’ Squeaky almos’ drownded! sniffle snort grokka


Squeak squeak! Hey Frooogy! I’ll still be here on the planet. Or at least the solar system. I’ll take care of you and if that old witch is driving you nuts, I’ll protect you from her. And don’t forget, buoy 22 is in the back yard. If you stay out of the laundry detergent and all those other intoxicating beverages, maybe the old witch will let you fly out to Cali *and* up there to the beach to see Green Guy. And you took good care of me on that trip out to Delaware. Remember? You wrote a letter to the old bag on a napkin and she came and rescued us. Froggy, I love you.

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