I vaaannnt to suck yourrrrr blooood

Not really. Actually I am squeamish about blood and other bodily fluids. That’s why I am a systems analyst. Computers do some strange things sometimes but they don’t bleed that I know of. My yearnings for a medical career are limited to about five minutes of wanting to be a nurse when I was about eight or so. I can’t really remember what the attraction was except that my cousin, The Beautiful Jan, was studying to be a nurse and I greatly admired her. I may have also been fascinated by all of the equipment and pills and things in the toy “nurse kit” I received when I got my tonsils out. Of course, I also wanted to be a teacher at that age but we all know now that I would probably kill the kids (I’m just kidding if you have randomly landed here by the Google!). Thank the gods that computers were invented. I can [usually] beat them into submission without [usually] physically pounding on them.

Actually, at the moment, I am pretty overwhelmed. We left for what turned out to basically be a long weekend and I came back to an avalanche of mail. A lot of it is xmas catalogs that I don’t have time to look at. And some junk mail. And somebody apparently sorted that stuff out for me. Thank you! But there are also various property tax bills and other things that pretty much have to be paid by check. For a long time, about the only checks I wrote besides property tax bills were checks to various PTO orgs (of which I was usually the treasurer) or Kalamazoo College, which did not have a means for paying online. Nope. Checks to a lockbox.

Anyway, there was a whole crapload of mail here yesterday and I think about 75% of it has been handled one way or another. Laundry is up next. It’s all clean. Just not sorted and folded and whatever. Tomorrow?

One Response to “I vaaannnt to suck yourrrrr blooood”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still write checks for many bills, but do a lot more on-line than I used to. It’s so easy! (if only I could remember my user names and passwords) 😉