I want a hippopotamus for Christmas (not really)

Okay, I am itching to write about the Superwoman. Even people from work are talking about her and we don’t usually talk politics. At all. But it has been a long day and I am taaarrred and I can tell I am gonna barely be able to squeak out an intelligible story about that! I mean my boring long day, *not* the Superwoman.

I worked from home today. I wouldda rather gone into my loverly dog-poopy cube today but… I don’t know who had the bright idea to schedule two vee-hickles for maintenance in the same day at different times and at dealers across town from each other but that’s what we did today. How many vee-hickles do we own these days? Some may want to know. We own exactly TWO vee-hickles! I do not think we have owned a mere two vee-hickles since the first couple years of our marriage.

We began with a couple of Ford Fiestas and that was all we needed at first. Then Lizard Breath came along. After a few months of stashing her in the back seat of a two-door vee-hickle, we bought a Jetta. Four doors, thank you very much. I wish I could say that we were finished with two-door vee-hickles forever but that wouldn’t be true because The Indefatigable only had two doors. Actually I think those four-door Wrangler-type things are kind of weird looking, like a person with four eyes or something. (Don’t worry, I won’t get started on that tonight.) Anyway, then we had the two Fiestas and the Jetta and then Mouse was born and we had a scorcher of a summer with temperatures reaching up into the upper 90s or low 100s every day. Guess what? We did not have a vee-hickle with air conditioning. That may have been okay when I was a kid up in the Great White North but not down here on The Planet Ann Arbor where you have to keep your vee-hickle locked everywhere you go. Windows up. Locked. Just try to put a couple of small children into an oven a few times a day and see where it gets you. So, mini-van with a/c and, at that time in history, we owned four vee-hickles. I would like to say that we never again bought a vee-hickle without a/c but that wouldn’t be true because The Indefatigable did not have a/c.

Four vee-hickles? Yes. Although for a long time, the state didn’t know about one of the Fiestas because it was uninsured and hidden back in the shed. Eventually, it came out of there and sat in the street for a while. I finally nagged the GG to get it running so we could sell it or whatever. Well that was just wonderful. It had been sitting over a pile of leaves and so, when he started it, there was a faaarrrr. The faaarrrr trucks were called and Burke took a video and everything. No damage though and we sold it for $50 to somebody with a vee-hickle that didn’t have any seats. Yes.

Nowadays, we own only two vee-hickles: the Ninja and the Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Musheen. That is all. No more. Both of them have four doors and air conditioning. I wish I felt like that meant we have come up in the world but y’all have to know that we are still amongst the 99. Especially whenever we attach the crappy old Courtois trailer to the Frog Hopper. Look out. Snowbillies coming through! Anyway, somehow we managed to schedule both of these vee-hickles for maintenance in the same day. At different times. At different dealers. I wish I could say it all went off smoothly but it was not so much. For the most part, I didn’t have to bear the brunt of that because I was working. From home.

It was the kind of December day that tries its darndest to suck the life out of you. I saw the sun rise this morning. It was a beautiful sunrise. Then gray skies all day long. Dry, windy, and cold outside and in. At least in the spot I rather haphazardly chose to set up my work computer today. At the end of the day, I had to *force* myself to head outside to walk downtown to meet the GG for dinner. As I knew would happen, once I got out there I felt better. It got dark quickly. The gray skies faded and holiday lights replaced them and I warmed up as I walked and by the time I got to the Drop Acid, Not Bombz bridge, I was grooving along.

I did not make it to the sports bar tonight. I am feeling guilty about that. The GG went but I knew if I got there, I would probably just start yawning and wanting to go home. It isn’t the company. It’s that I was already turning into a big, ugly pumpkin.

I am not ready for xmas. Are you?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Superwoman? I missed this. I am ready for Christmas. I have our small gifts prepared and am ready to get my older daughter back from NYC to bake cookies and hang out. We had an unexpectedly beautiful day of 52 and blue skies. It felt like spring!!