Grinchity Grunch

This is my annual Kristmas Kvetch post. You know. The one where I wish that my Jewish buddies would kidnap me for the duration. Not that they would really want me hanging around and one of them is flying to Floriduh on xmas day anyway.

I have a couple of big-time disclaimers here. One, no matter what I write in this post, I AM ALL RIGHT! I do not need advice, sympathy, or some kind of psychological intervention. Commiseration is okay. But really I am just having a bad mood kind of day. Of course, it doesn’t help that we are near the winter solstice although the short and often dark days don’t really bother me. I just go outside and I am okay. Hmmm… I think I will save the second disclaimer for the end.

Here it is. I LOVE my job. I am treated VERY well. I get decent pay et al, I have an absolutely wonderful boss (the LSCHP does not read this), and I couldn’t ask for nicer co-workers. Vacation time? Not so good. I work for corporate America and you know that usually means two weeks of paid vacation plus a smattering of personal days or whatever in the early years of employment. And five days of sick time. (And I used those last year but not because *I* was sick. I wasn’t EVER sick. Thank you god or whoever.) I understand how the system works but I am wishing for more time. Because I have spent just about every blasted moment of vacation time in the last year, well, let’s just say not in the typical vacation places like Cancun or whatever. (Not that I would go to Cancun if I did have time to go there but that’d be a whole ‘nother story.)

I don’t regret one bit how I spent my vacation time last year and there were plenty of fun times along the way but here we are at the holiday season and I don’t have any blasted time off left. I just wish I had a few more days off. I am psychologically tired and I soooo baaaadddly need more time to chill. Be with my beautiful grown-up beach urchins for a bit and, well, that’s actually the only thing I can really think of. Well, and The Commander in some place besides the horsepittal, fer kee-reist. And maybe a dumpster in the driveway…

Second disclaimer. My problems are silly little first world problems which is maybe enuff said. And there’s a third disclaimer, now that I think of it but I’m not gonna put it into words. Just please, everybody, particularly those that I love, be careful out there!

I *did* go outside in the dark of the late afternoon today. I walked [again] to the Plum Market. There was no line and I got two of my fav-o-rite cashiers (one bagged my stuff into my backpack while the other rung me up). I did feel better after that expotition!

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “Grinchity Grunch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    This time of year, I have lots of ups and downs. OH, I’m so excited about the holidays–but I’m horribly stressed. I love having the family home–but there’s a lot more disruption, mess and crazy animals around. AND EVERYONE ELSE’S SCHEDULE TO WORK AROUND. I am apparently not allowed to have a schedule. OK, I’m off my soapbox.

  2. becky courtois Says:

    Intermittent fmla – unsolicited advice given anyway. Also, going to Cancun with a bunch of high schoolers on spring break – not looking forward to that trip.