I have been cold all day. Lizard Breath said, “Moom I don’t remember you ever saying you were cold.” And I am usually not cold. It is not because I am sick. I am not sick. ArchaeoSam was on the edge of a sore throat today and I was almost wishing I was on the edge of a sore throat just so I would have an excuse to be slodgy. But I didn’t have a sore throat. I was just lazy today. Well, except for the part where we went to that place that has everything nobody wants any more Urban Outfitters (jeans for Liz) and Seva (lunch with Liz, Mouse, and NPJane). The rest of the day? Huuuunnnnngggg around the Landfill futzing around with the internet and feeling a wee bit very slodgy. And cold.

Although I have been known to slodge around for entire days in my life, sometimes multiple days in a row, I have somehow managed to get myself out of the slodging mode in the last year or so. I may hang out on the internet a lot but when I am at the Landfill, I keep myself busy cleaning and flinging and cooking and whatever needs to be done. Today I picked around the edges of those things. And it *is* cold here. Sam says we are having La Nina and I know she’s right but it has felt more like *El Nino* here with sustained warmer-than-average temperatures. Except for today. 19 to 25 degrees or thereabouts. I am not acclimated yet. I was cold all day. I even turned the thermostat up (to 65). It didn’t help. What did help was when we suited up in the late afternoon and walked over to the Plum Market. Go figger.

I don’t want to continue to put a lot of info on the internet about The Commander. I wrote what I did yesterday because I was absolutely at the end of my rope. One of these days The Comm herself will probably read it and then I’ll be in trouble. But I do want to provide an update for those who read this and know The Comm. She is doing very well. In fact, when I called her this afternoon, she was in her usual mode of talking a blue streak without letting me get a word in edgewise. That went on for a half hour and then I think dinner was about to be served and she cut me off in short order.

Lizard is making pasta with leeks and cannellini tonight and there is a faaaarrr in the faaarrrrplace and I am signing off for now. Good Night!

2 Responses to “Electrofragmoacceleromoglobulator”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am always cold if I don’t go for my run. I think I have poor circulation and exercise helps! I’m glad to have your update on the Comm. I don’t know her, but I sort of feel like I do. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    I hope that you felt cold today is not on par with my throat tickle…and that it’s just a passing low biorhythm or something innocuous.