Dear C average frat boys: please step away from the technology

The GG was just dying for me to black out my stoopid little blahg today so as to support the defeat of SOPA and PIPA. If it had been any other Tuesday Wednesday in any other week, I may have risen to the occasion. Today? Ugh. Just ugh. Oh, don’t worry. After a walk back up the hill, a wee bit o’ whine & dinner at the Palace with npJane and the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie, and a short visit to the hoosegow where I found The Comm sleeping very comfortably (and left before she woke up and after talking to her nurse), I was pretty well decompressed… …And then I got a phone call and, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to re-do the whole goddamn day and then I was all roto again…

So, I didn’t black out my boring little blahg and actually, I don’t often repost other people’s stuff so maybe those stoopid laws would not affect my boring little blahg? But it would affect my whole Internet experience and I definitely still support it. You damn betcha. I really don’t do things like this (BEWARE: some of the graphics are not totally safe for work or children). But.

What I can’t figure out is why the folks we elect to run the damn gubmint should be allowed to try to legislate the internet. I’m sure that there are a few folks in the congress and/or senate that have a passing familiarity with computer/internet technology. But I will also bet that most of these folks have grandchildren who can do an end run around them when it comes to technology. So why are we entrusting these jokers (I meant that) to try to make educated and informed decisions on Internet piracy? Oh, is it the film industry lobbyists driving this? Let’s kill some of those folks. Don’t shut me down, I’m just kidding, fer kee-reist. I felt that way about the stoopid tailgater that followed me up the hill in this evening’s bit of lake effect snow. I don’t want to kill anyone and the last thing I would ever do is kill a living being. But some people are so goddamn stupid and irritating… Just saying.

We *have* to keep internet content creation as free as we can. We can’t let the nincompoops that we keep electing to national office get their dirty fingers onto OUR INTERNET. These people (generically) do not know what they are doing in the current technical arena. Or in any technical arena. Like back in 1897 when some crackpot tried to get the Indiana legislature to pass a bill that set the value of pi to 3.2 (or something like that). Uh, the value of pi is an irrational (transcendental) number and we mere mortals do not have any control over its value and it is fortunate that an actual mathematician happened to be in the audience as they discussed this. Because, say WHAT??? (Google “legislating pi Indiana”.) Seriously. Think about the value of pi for a few minutes and think about whether it can be legislated…

As one of the nerdiest of computer nerds around, I do not have any faith in our wondrously overly self-indulged C average frat boy elected officials to know what the heck to do when making decisions about the internet. Please, you guys, just let us all do our jobs and innovate in peace.

Long day here in the yooperland but that photooo represents one of the best moments. 1.9 degrees this morning on my way down Prospect Street to the hoosegow.

Love y’all,

One Response to “Dear C average frat boys: please step away from the technology”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gorgeous view but way COLD. You must have been much more bundled up than I. I agree that our officials need to keep their hands off our internet; they already muck up everything they touch!