Wear leather and live forever

I’m not sure if this has been the longest day of my life or not. It may be but somehow I think I have said that before. But it definitely ranks up there. It was minus four degrees when I walked down to the hoosegow this morning and this is looking north up Ashmun from the bridge over the canal. And yes, I took this with my iPhone, so I had my glubs off.

Sometime in the mid-afternoon, I found myself in this space for about the umpteen millionth time. I think it might have been the last time but we’ll see. Anyway. When I reached “G”, the door DID NOT OPEN!!! Am I never gonna get outta this place???

I panicked for a couple seconds, then I hit the “G” button again and the door opened. From there, I walked through the bitter cold to my next destination and just as I was arriving I was able to salute a couple of ambulance folks who were driving out. Thanks you guys, you did good.

Aaannnddd… Let the night end with this loverly stuff obtained by the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie. (And no that is not a booooob in there, it is the butt-end of a bag of ice.)

Of course, I’m not sure the night is over yet… But let the YouTube wars continue…

2 Responses to “Wear leather and live forever”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Never had that kind of ice cream. Intriguing flavor. Thinking of you, as always. Stay warm. <3

  2. Pooh Says:

    I gave each of the boys a pair of “tech” gloves for Xmas. Dan said he probably wouldn’t need them in La-La land, but I pointed out that he might here while he was home. Anyhoo, 1 glove (not a pair??) remains here. I could send it to you, for a trial, unless of course you use both hands to text and take photos.