aaaaaand…. A Man With a Gun!

Today is absolutely positively refusing to be dull. I left to drive over to Maple Village at around 6 PM to pick up a picture frame I had ordered. There was a cop car blocking the north end of the street and I wondered about that but I wasn’t planning on going *north* anyway. I was gonna head south like I usually do when I have to make a left turn out of this neighborhood. But that cop wanted me to go north and she backed up her car so I could get out.

So I went that way and, as I was heading south down N. Maple, I saw all kinds of cop cars at the end of Walter Street. I did my quick little errand and then tried to get back into the neighborhood to, uh, go home. I could get into the neighborhood but cops were blocking the entire area surrounding my house and I encountered a cop that would not let me through to get to my street. I asked, “what’s going on?” She walked all the way over to my car to say that there was a man with a gun and I wasn’t gonna get thru to my house and she didn’t know when the situation would end. I didn’t ask any more questions. I parked my car at Kate’s house and walked home through the schoolyard.

4 Responses to “aaaaaand…. A Man With a Gun!”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Aaand it wasn’t the GG exercising his Second Amendment rights to bear arms????

  2. acourtois Says:

    Right to arm bears? No, it was a neighbor that apparently flipped out and his wife called 911. The neighborhood was under a sort of lockdown for several hours.

    There are, of course, various stories floating around so I’m not sure what exactly happened.

    The GG did give us a good laugh though. He was driving us nuts (don’t ask) and we told him to go out and check out what was happening. He rather sheepishly admitted that he already *had* gone outside and the cops told him to go back in his house 🙂 :-).

  3. Webmomster Says:

    …so, this blockade ever get resolved?

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Short answer: Yes, the \”situation was mitigated.\”

    The Planet A2 has this automated phone thing where the police department can call all of the houses in a particular area and tell them if there\’s a problem in their neighborhood or area or whatever. Long after the cops blocked off all the streets, we received a call telling us to stay inside our houses and close all the windows, etc. It also said something about \”barricaded gunman\” though, so because there didn\’t seem to be a threat of a gunman wandering around the woods or anything, we kept the doors et al, open. Eventually (9:30 or so?) we got a second call telling us about the mitigation. At that point, Mouse and I walked around the corner to retrieve my car from Kate\’s house. We ran into a bunch of neighbors, all of whom seemed to have a slightly different story. I think they did take the guy to a hospital though.

    Excitin\’ night!