I think we should paint “Deer Slayer” on zee veeeendsheeeeld

Actually, I don’t know if the deer died. The short story is that the GG was heading down the southbound I75 SUV Speedway this afternoon and arrived at mile marker 205 (that’s south of West Branch) just as a small herd of deer decided to cross. Although he was able to slow down significantly, Bambi ran out into the road straight into the Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen and this is the result. If I have it right, she then ran into the median and *then* back out onto the speedway only to hit another vee-hickle. She flew up into the air above *that* vee-hickle and no one knows what happened to her. I bet it wasn’t pretty. I have probably mangled the details of this loverly little event. If the GG wants to correct them, he can comment.

I found out about this via text message. I was unclear about when the GG was going to leave the yooperland today and about two o’clock this afternoon, I finally texted “ACK?”, i.e., “Where in the HECK ARE you?” After a few minutes, I received the reply, “deer”. Say what? Since when is “deer” a response to “where are you?”? Tell me more. Did you SEE a deer? Did you HIT a deer? I called and my worst fears were realized. I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. Deer through zee veeeendsheeeeld anyone? Blood all over the interior? Not this time, thank you very much.

Are we having fun yet? Lemme see… This the second “incident” for the Frog Hopper [new in 2011], the first being the infamous and utterly embarrassing Green Boat Towing Incident.

It is the first time either one of us has hit a deer although I’ve had a couple of close calls over the years. Then there was the Old Coot. The Old Coot was an excellent driver with a practically perfect driving record. Except for the two times he was hit by a deer. Both times? Westbound on the Seney Stretch, once heading to Marquette for some kind of bank thingy, the next time heading to Houghton for The Engineer’s wedding. These incidents occurred years apart but, if my memory is accurate, they were in the same location. Bad karma there, I guess.

I guess a trip to the body shop and a few days or whatever of existing with one vee-hickle are in my future. The non-snow vee-hickle no less, now that Old Man Winter seems to have finally arrived here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Louis over at my work will have a field day with this. “I heard you had a little accident!”, he will gleefully crow. There’s always gotta be one Car Guy in every workplace, don’tcha know. The Engineer (may he party on wherever he is) was one of the best Car Guys and he would’ve loved this!

Be careful out there. Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

P. S. If you enlarge the photooooo, you can see a silhouette of the GG (and somebody else?) reflected at the front there, below the headlight.

3 Responses to “I think we should paint “Deer Slayer” on zee veeeendsheeeeld”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, dear!! And it’s still such a new, shiny car! Glad that the GG is fine and that the car will eventually be fine too.

  2. Pooh Says:

    As deer-car interactions go, this one looks fairly good, especially the part about NOT going through the windshield!

  3. Sam Says:

    So sorry to hear about this; so glad it wasn’t worse. I did see the two people in the bumper-reflection….