VD trivia

Lemme see…

I managed to wear my red vest to work today even though I did not connect all of the love stories on NPR this morning with the date February 14th. I wear my red vest to work a lot. I have just about enough *comfortable* pieces of winter bizcaz clothing that I can kinda almost sorta manage to not wear the same outfit twice in one week. I dredge pieces of clothing out of a shambling mound and I randomly dredged the red vest outta that today along with a bunch of black stuff.

I was psychologically exhausted when I got home today and about the only meal that I figured I could scrabble together was chicken pieces with rice and a vegetable. Even though I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, I felt a little guilty for not doing something nicer than that. And then. The GG reminded me that we had reservations at Knight’s. (Dementia anyone?) I didn’t really feel up for eating out but I rose to the occasion.

So, we got halfway over to Knight’s and I realized that I didn’t have my purse or my phone. I panicked. I didn’t really need my purse but I definitely needed my iPhone 4S, don’tcha know… The GG gallantly offered to hoof it back to the Landfill to retrieve those items. I continued on to Knight’s, checked in at the reservation desk and then hung out at the bar, where I told Yul I wanted a Franhattan on the rocks and a Franhattan up and my husband would be around in about five minutes to pay for them. And the GG did arrive just about the time Yul served up the drinks, which *I* paid for outta the cash in my purse…

Let’s hear it for neighborhood pubs!

Last but definitely not least, my beloved mother-in-law, aka The Absolutely Gorgeous Grandma Sally, was born on this date back in 1925. She died back in 1994. Way too young and I’ll talk about that day some other time. For now, you get this photooo of the beach urchin Lizard Breath with her grandma Sally. The beach urchins did not see Grandma Sally all that much and they shared her with 17 cousins. This beach urchin knew that one of the things to do with a grandma was to grab a bottle of milk out of the refrigimatator and climb up in her lap to drink it. You can even hang the dern bottle outta yer mouth if you need to rub your eye. Grandma Sally obviously knew what to do with her grandchildren too. Miss you Sally.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sally has a luminous smile; she is lovely! Patt wanted to go out to eat too, but I DID not want to, so we’re going tomorrow. I just can’t face the possible crowds after a day full of teenagers, hyped on Valentine’s Day, chocolate and hormones. Plus some sunshine!