In which a small mystery is solved.

Are we done with that little internet pissing match, as the GG calls it? I think I am, at least for the moment. I know it will rear its ugly head up two or three times again before the fat lady sings. Next time I will do my homework and choose my words more carefully because crow doesn’t really taste all that good <wink>.

Other than that, it has been a typical February weekend here at the Landfill. My flinging adventures have now largely emptied Mickey’s Closet down in the Landfill Dungeon. Can I just say the words “rodent crap”? A few dead spiders and things too. I am gonna have to rent a power washer when this is all over. Yesterday, I excavated three boxes of glassware. Or was it four… A couple of them were wine glasses that I knew I owned. I put them down there back in the Jurassic Age because there wasn’t room in the chitchen.

The box of eight blue glass tumblers (or so I thought) was a mystery. I could not remember buying them. I could not remember anyone giving them to me. Did I buy them for one of the beach urchins when she went off to college? I didn’t think so. Who would need *eight* glasses in a dorm room? Was the Dungeon starting to sprout stuff again? If so, I was hoping that it would NOT return to its old habit of sprouting ugly green ducted-taped easy chairs. I texted a photo to the beach urchins. Nope, not mine, came both replies.

Today I started taking the blue glasses out of their packing material so I could empty the mouse turds and dead spiders out of them and wash them. To my surprise, four of them were actually not tumblers but stemmed wine glasses. And there was a Chinese newspaper in there with them. Hmm… This is getting even weirder. Then I realized that the *box* had a handwritten label on it: Orrefors… Hmmm… Ohhh… Maybe these were R’s? R is my 96-year-old aunt. She is a hoarder. Before she moved to a senior apartment a few years ago, I would occasionally drive over to her overstuffed apartment in Megalopolis to fix stuff on her computer. She occasionally gave me stuff over the years but more often than not she would show me some little treasure or other and *talk* about giving it to me. She wasn’t ready to give all that stuff up. That was okay with me. I didn’t really need any more stuff. Actually, visiting her apartment made me resolve to get rid of all my crap WELL before I got to be 90. And so I am…

Apparently on one of those visits she gave me a box of this loverly blue glassware. Apparently I brought it home and shoved it into Mickey’s Closet. And promptly forgot about it. I think it is pretty cool glassware but I don’t really need any more dishes. Actually if I ever get around to gutting the chitchen here, I will probably buy new stuff anyway. I’m sick of what I have. I’m glad I figured out where these came from though. Because if I hadn’t, I would have given them to Good Will or whatever, along with my own old wine glasses. Not that the blue Orrefors have any particularly sentimental value. I’m sure my aunt got them on sale somewhere, stashed them, and probably never used them. Still, I have found a good home for them with one of the beach urchins and I bet she *will* use them and I’m happy about that. It’s a small victory but these days I will take what I can get.

Your weekend?

3 Responses to “In which a small mystery is solved.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love this story of a box of glasses!

  2. jay Says:

    Our mysteries were certain books. Not Carls, not mine, not the kids. One of our frequent visitors frequently leaves things, like books. They have been flung.

  3. Margaret Says:

    It’s mysterious how we end up with most of the stuff we do. I’m always in a hurry to put things away, then don’t find them again for a long time–during which time I’ve completely forgotten their origin. 🙂