We’re getting the first snowstorm of the year and you don’t have your AWD vee-hickle?

That was Cube Nayber, who has the same kind of AWD vee-hickle as I do. And no I don’t have mine but we’re picking it up from the “deer shop” tomorrow morning. Actually, there was a bit of a kerfluffle at the end of the day today. There’s a prediction for “significant” snow overnight so people were kibbitzing about whether they’d be able to get to work tomorrow or not.

I dunno. “Significant” snow? Lemme see… They are actually predicting 2-4 (oh, some say 5-8) inches for the southeastern Great Lake State. Of course they are also predicting thundersnow. We’ll see what we get. Whatever it is, it seems to have people in a tizzy. Some folks were running out to pick up grokkeries during the lunch hour. I saw a poll somewhere (facebook? annarbor.com? I fergit) asking what grokkeries people were going to stock up on. Say what? I’m stocking up on 10-high, baybay!

It is late February and you’d think we’d all be used to this white stuff by now. This year not so much.

Me? I am fully prepared to telecommute tomorrow if there is even one inch of that blasted white stuff on the roads. Why? Because it takes me two or three or four times longer to get to work when it snows, AWD or not. If I telecommute, I can be working instead of hanging around in a long line of traffic slithering through the snow. It’s different in the yooperland where they actually have snowplows and use them. Here, not so much. But we’ll see what it will do tonight.

After a week of double commuting, we walked over to Knight’s tonight. We got seated next to the big round table in the back and there were a bunch of good rowdy folks there who were a bit older than us. They were square dancers. I remember when The Commander and Grandroobly and Radical Betty and Duke and Don and Katie square danced. I was a bit dubious about that, especially when they wore those outfits, but they seemed to be having a good time and they met some good friends, so who was I to judge. Anyway, one couple at the round table got up to leave and about 30 seconds later, we all heard a big thunking noise. What was that? And then something about calling an ambulance. The square dance table folks were all abuzz. Apparently the woman has a seizure history. That bollixed Knight’s up for a while but it didn’t interrupt our dinner and I’m sure the EMT folks are well familiar with Knight’s. And then the next (much younger) folks who got seated at the round table were talking about the fact that there was an ambulance outside Knight’s.

I think our wonderful young waiter was a little more freaked out about the whole thing than we were because he wished us a good night without bringing us the check. Me? I have spent so much time hanging around in hospitals and things in the last year that it wasn’t all that hard for me to ignore it (I mean, c. diff? c’mon…). And so I found myself reassuring the waiter or at least saying something like, “we aren’t freaked out”. (And the woman was apparently okay but they did transport her and yes, we did pay for our food.)

One Response to “We’re getting the first snowstorm of the year and you don’t have your AWD vee-hickle?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m a little afraid to have my snow tires taken off, just in case. 😉 It’s weird to get a major snow at the end of February but it seems like the seasons are starting later these days.