Old Rossis and other treasures

This has been quite the season. I have two close friends who have also lost their mothers this winter and today I learned that the woman next door died earlier this week. She had been in an assisted living facility for most of the last year and her husband died in June. Like The Commander, they have left behind an “only” child who lives in a distant location. Their daughter barely made it into the 21st century. I can commiserate with their son although I don’t think he needs or wants me to. But I know what it’s like to deal with an elderly, ill parent from far away, while trying to keep some sort of grip on the ledge just outside the window that leads into your own home (and career (and life)).

I think that he has a bit more “stuff” to deal with than I do, since he has been here three or four times with a dumpster in the driveway. I won’t judge my neighbors on that though. I have had my own tendencies toward collecting things throughout my life and I come by it honestly as there have been folks on both sides of my family who were good at it too. Just because I’m digging myself out now doesn’t mean I’m any better than anyone else. These were good friends and neighbors and I will never forget when their grandchildren would visit and all of the kids (mine and theirs) would be banging in and out the doors all day. Summertime games and sledding on their “hill” until 11 PM on a school night. But they have both been in declining health for years and I hope they are at peace now.

Old Rossignols… When I was a kid, those were pretty hot skis on our local ski hills up in the yooperland. I commented to the son that those were some skis that no one would let anywhere a modern ski resort. His answer? He thought the skis would be cool decorating elements for a cabin somewhere and the poles would make good towel racks. Or maybe a kid could make a cool sled out of the skis. I was thunderstruck! Why don’t I ever think of things like that? Not that I want them for myself. Actually, I probably have a few pairs of old skis down in the Landfill Dungeon. I never had Rossignols but maybe there are some Olin Mark IIIs down there? Or did we actually get rid of those. I bought them in Steamboat Springs back in the day, along with a loooooverrrrly ski outfit… That was soooo long ago and I was such an idiot in my youth…

This whole development did take the wind out of my sails on getting rid of the baby clothes. I mean there are some baby clothes that I am saving because The Commander knitted them or because they are multi-generational. My kids may not have actually *worn* them but *I* did and so they are heirlooms of a sort. The rest? Well, there are some things that I remember with such fondness that they will survive this round of de-cluttering. Other things are going to go to good will or whatever. The folks that *I* know who are in that baby-making phase of life are blessed to be able to provide more than their children need. Like I was when I was in that phase. So I won’t be dumping off bags of baby clothing with them. But today I couldn’t really do any sorting. I’ll get back to it soon but I had to take a bit of a breather.

Godspeed to my neighbor and good night to everyone else,
Kayak Woman

8 Responses to “Old Rossis and other treasures”

  1. isa Says:

    Me or someone else in the family might want to dress a baby in vintage 80s hipster-baby outfits someday! Don’t toss ’em! 🙂 **(And don’t hold your breath.)**

  2. isa Says:

    P.S. I think my Courtois was showing on the last comment. (The Courtois streak that saves plastic bags and styrofoam containers and stuff, that is.)

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I’m not tossing ALL of them. I am keeping the little outfit that you wore when you were about nine months. There was a hat with some dangling tulips or whatever and we held you up to a mirror and you totally cracked up! 🙂

  4. Sam Says:

    RIght downstairs there’s a pair of three-time hand-me-down Rossis (I think) of the same vintage you are discussing. I was so proud! Saw a fence made from a collection of skis in Jackson, Wyoming.

    I need to adopt your flinging behavior when I get home…too much crap piled up in the designated crap-piling closets and spaces….

  5. Paulette Says:

    How can items from the 80s be vintage? 🙂 OMG!!

  6. Margaret Says:

    It’s hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of! You inspire me with your sorting. I did get rid of my baby clothes long ago though. Rossignol means nightingale in French, you know. I had K2s when I skied. 🙂

  7. Pooh Says:

    The non-heirloom baby clothes might go to a womens’ shelter or a rummage sale or Goodwill. We had money, but I was more than happy to snap up onesies at a quarter apiece at a yard sale. You know, for the day(s) when the baby is spitting up yellow or orange or green or beet colored food, or worse, and you’re not planning on going anywhere.

  8. jay Says:

    We have saved a very few baby clothes and other items.
    One is a “baseball” uniform type thing that I think is a premie size. Rey was so small it was the only thing that really fit him when he was born. And I know we have a “I’m the little sister” t-shirt from Ashlan. And baby hats. And …