Aaaannnd when we weren’t dressing our baby girls in cute little pink outfits, we were dressing them in stuff like this…

I am exhausted today. Psychologically, that is. Physically? I just blasted over to the Plum Market and back on foot with my grokkery backpack, red-queening across the Maple/Dexter intersection with moments to spare before the light turned. Living dangereusely at the crosswalks here on the Planet Ann Arbor.

I have four prodjects1 going on at work right now. One is out there ready for dev to start chewing on. Another odd little prodject is in an intermediate stage and I actually have my own personal developer on this one and I need to sit down with him. A third has me picking through defects deciding what’s bigger than a breadbox and what’s not. Today, I took a deep dive into the fourth, a new big prodject that will be keeping me busy for months. I am in the early stages of this one and it involves some major rearranging and *that* means a lot of html coding with a bit of javascript around the edges. Somebody else might find the kind of coding I’m doing boring and I’ll admit sometimes *I* find it boring. But I live inside html like I once lived inside esoteric virtuoso flute music and I can sit there and re-jigger page after page after page with part of my brain while the rest of it thinks about how to handle the more creative aspects of the prodject. It’s almost equivalent to going through the Taffanel and Gaubert daily flute studies while thinking about Flute Music by French Composers. Those T&G studies occupied years of my life. Google if you care. Or dare.

1 Okay. I know that “prodject” is an incorrect spelling. And I am going to ‘splain why I often use it. It was back in fourth grade. Not *my* fourth grade. One of the beach urchins. She came home with an assignment. This assignment was to put together a display about a favo-rite topic. You know the kind. You collect pictures and maybe draw or make things and write about the pictures and paste all the stuff on to a posterboard or whatever. When was this prodject assigned? I did not know. When was this prodject due? The next day. And. Families were invited to an open house to see everyone’s prodject. Okay. I don’t remember if I had to run out and obtain posterboard or not. Maybe there was some in the dungeon. The *kid* did the prodject. But *I* added one item to it. I made it with my sewing machine. And the caption? “My mom made this [guess-if-you-dare] for my prodject.” I’m not gonna say which kid this was. I’m laughing at it now, then, not so much. Always hated those big overwhelming prodjects…

Good night. Much needed Post Commander visit with relatives tomorrow night, then, hmmm, Houghton Lake or not. If so, it’ll be a rocket trip.

Love y’all,

3 Responses to “Aaaannnd when we weren’t dressing our baby girls in cute little pink outfits, we were dressing them in stuff like this…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Have a wonderful visit with the relatives! I love your spelling of project and glad I now understand its history. We have special sayings in my family too and I have to make sure not to use them around others, since no one would ever understand. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Was your sewing contribution to the ‘prodject’, the background to the polar diorama pictured a week ago?

    I quickly learned that I had to ask, “did you finish your homework?”, AND, “do you have any long-term projects?” Otherwise they were short-term panic projects by the time the kids thought to tell me.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Love the prodject spelling! Does not matter which urchin it was . It can go down in history with my Happy Muthers Day gift and the clay bird that has “You are always in my hart” written on it. You can’t replace those memories.