Nosmo King

Nothing I’m gonna write tonight is gonna make any kind of sense in any way shape or form so if you are looking for something intelligible, move along.

Everybody is marveling at the unseasonably warm weather around here. I mean, it is March and tonight I walked downtown in a tank top and my dangerously raggy old Chaco sandals (note to self: order some more before this pair craps out in some catastrophic manner when I am three miles away from home or whatever). And I was hot. And it has been warm like this for days and there is seemingly no end in sight. So is this “global warming”? Who knows. We have had weather like this in March before. I remember it. I just don’t remember what year(s) it was. And then there was the March I was trundling around town in the POC through several inches of new snowfall every day.

We didn’t sit in our usual place at the Oscar Tango tonight. Our usual place is right in the middle of everything and near the theatre crowd. Tonight we sat by the window and I got to watch all the smokers outside and remember not too long ago when we would go to the Oscar Tango (or any other barrrooom) and I would have to wash my clothes afterwards because they smelled like smoke. Oh, I am not an anti-smoking militant or anything. My first couple of boyfriends smoked and I can remember working over there at that darn EPA when my boss and some of the keypunchers kept ashtrays near them. You could smoke at work then and just about anywhere else. I can remember when the smell of cigarette smoke didn’t really bother me that much. I do not have allergies or anything like that and it just wasn’t that big a deal to me. Live and let live.

In fact I can even remember being about 23 or so and being reeealllly bored at a barrrroooom a couple of times and experimenting with smoking. The big problem was that since I never learned to inhale (yeah, I know…), the habit never really caught on. Plus I’m sure I looked really stupid because I think I was trying to affect all of the typical smoking gestures that you see in old movies and I was probably greatly exaggerating them. So there you have it. A 23-year-old emulating a 15-year-old trying to act grown up by smoking.

See? I told you I was gonna be incoherent tonight. Anyway, we are back home from the Oscar Tango and I am totally exhausted and the GG is… Well, whaddya think he’s doing? He is smoking. A ceegar… Yes, he is outside. I won’t tellya what else he is doing because it is kinda gross. I’ll just say that he is emulating Grandroobly.

Good night! Sleep tight! Do not let those bad, bad bed bugs bite!

2 Responses to “Nosmo King”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Yes, I remember you smoking in bars. Apparently one of those movieisms was to blow it into the face of the person across from you. Glad it didn’t become a habit!!!

    Even some of the 15 yo’s are getting smarter. I don’t smell it on as many of my students as I used to.

  2. isa Says:

    Ah, the sounds and smells from outside my teenaged bedroom (cigar, etc. Plus grill grease.).