First world hoarding in the early 21st century…

Yaknow, we don’t (any of us) start out to hoard stuff. I can remember when the first iPhone was released. I can remember telling The Guru that I would buy a $600 cell phone when it came with a GPS and I fergit what else. Wouldn’t you know that a couple months later we ended up with these things. The GG dragged me out in a heavy pouring rain to the Briarwood Apple Store. I was convinced that I would not buy an iPhone (aka spend $1200) that day. Guess what? I spent about 30 seconds playing with an iPhone and it was mine. MMCB took the first photooo. It was of bagels and it was accidental but I have never deleted it. Just because.

That was late summer 2007 and we are now on the 4S. These are our third iPhones and that stack is our two original iPhones plus our two 3GSs plus The Commander’s 3GS plus our two 4Ss. And a cute ducky rides the iPhone cruise ship. And just fergit the cosmic debris in the background there. So what do you do with your old iPhone when you upgrade to a new one…

This weekend? I actually got a lot done for once. We have a lot of stuff to do at the Landfill here and so this afternoon we headed down to the annual “home show” at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds. Those shows drive me a little bit nuts but we did run into a few businesses / folks that we think we will do business with again.

And then, in the late afternoon, I went for a walk… And I ran into a good friend of mine… I love her… But fer kee-reist, does she brag about her kids? Yes.. Except. I mean, her kids are wonderful and they *are* doing well. Braggity braggity. This day she actually *asked* about my kids… I never brag about my kids. They are wonderfully cool and talented people who never ever gave me one ounce of trouble. Do I need to brag about that? I don’t think so.

2 Responses to “First world hoarding in the early 21st century…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My husband has every cell phone he has ever owned–and none of them are fancy like the iPhone. 😉 I don’t brag about my kids; I leave that to my mother.

  2. Marquis Says:

    Got you beat by 2 iPhones, but we tend to get rid of the evidence along the way, so they don’t stack up. Look into Gazelle, “don’t just sell it, Gazelle it”.