Big butter Jesus

A late Easter dinner at Chez Landfill. I wish I could say we had Ham, Yam, and Cham but actually we did not have yams. We had regular old mashed potatoes. Asparagus (alas, not from The Botanist’s garden) and a green salad rounded out the meal. I guess butter played a big role. What the heck?

Our Easter this year was sublime. Maybe not quite as sublime as the year the temperatures were in the 80s and we dumped our kayaks down in the Huron River but it was pretty dern sublime. We woke up at Houghton Lake and after I took my regular morning walk over to the second bridge and back, we drove down to the Little Boots restaurant. I ordered my usual gunslingers quesadilla (and a box to take some home for breakfast the next day) and we had a great time listening to the local movers and shakers who meet there every Sunday.

After that I wanted to go on an expotition so we headed down to Snow Bowl Road. I can’t help wondering if we took that direction because the GG overheard one of the locals talking about the child of a respected local business owner robbing houses down there or not. It happens. Anyway, we took off from Snow Bowl onto various 2-tracks for a beautiful drive.

Back to the cabin and then down the I75 SUV Speedway, except for a side trip down M13 so the GG could buy some 12-year-old cheese. And then a walking trip to the Plum Market for salad materials. For our Easter dinner, which happened late because the guest of honor (aka Mouse) had to work until 7:00. Fun anyway…


2 Responses to “Big butter Jesus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cool Easter dinner!! I am jealous that you got to have one of your daughters with you. We certainly missed ours!!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Oh Promise Jesus, Imperial Jesus, Can’t Believe It’s Not Jesus, O-le-o Lord—Heywood Banks. You can look him up on you-tube. We saw him (Heywood) here in Ann Arbor. He’s here about once a year. Funny show–but he’s never given us any butter–marginally speaking.