High school my school

There are all those days when I get up and do my morning walk and routine, head over to work for eight hours or whatever and then head home, do my evening routine and crash and burn. And then there are days like today… I did not get to sleep early last night. We were slodging around in front of the boob tube at the Group Home. I was just starting to nod off. And then. The back door opened. Who-what? Was it the duct-tape nut? Thankfully not. It was our own Lord of Linden and his beautiful bride The Beautiful Kathy. Up and at ’em. And so I didn’t get to bed until close to midnight. I have missed spending time with my in-laws at Houghton Lake the last year and I needed them last night.

Anyway we got up and drove north this morning. We sorted / flung for a while, made a trip to Woldemort, and then we got lunch at Clyde’s Drive-In. It was just as wonderful as it has always been. We somehow managed without cafeteria trays, washcloths or Lizard Breath to take orders before we got there.

After flinging / Woldemort / lunch / flinging / business, we headed out to the Moominbeach. Can I just say there is NO ICE in the bay this April?

I walked down to Doelle’s and back in bare feet and I walked in the blasted water a good portion of that trip. You guys, this is Lake Superior! A few years ago, I was walking on solid ice out by the second sandbar at this time of the year. Here’s the creek down at Doelle’s. Just because.

We hung out at the Moominbeach for a long time this afternoon. I got a couple of beach chairs out of the shed and we sat down there basking in the sun for what felt like forever. Or I did anyway. Other people engaged themselves with implements of too much fun for a while. Eventually we dragged ourselves back to town and dinner at the Palace Saloon.

Wouldn’t you know that on the way out, a woman standing in line for a seat caught my eye and I hers. The Beautiful Jackie J from high school and I think from Stinkin’ Lincoln too. We talked and as I was leaving I assured her that I would be at this summer’s 40th (urp) reunion. A couple weeks ago (at a mini-reunion) I told The Beautiful Mimi I’d be there too so I guess I am now committed to going. And that’s okay. As a teenager I had so much angst and so little self esteem I didn’t think anyone liked me. Now I know that it was mostly me. I still struggle with events that involve large numbers of people. Like more than two. <grin>

All in all a beautiful day. May we all have many more of those.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That does look like a beautiful day–and full of good stuff too!!