Trespassers (and bears) will be eaten!

Once upon a time, when Lizard Breath was a very young child, she told the GG that she was afraid of burglars coming into the house. The GG told her, “Don’t worry about burglars. That’s *my* job.” And guess what? We have never had one (KNOCK ON WOOD!).

The only person who has ever broken into our house is Lizard Breath. She was a high school junior by then and we left her home “alone” for a weekend (we went to Houghton Lake). I was so worried about leaving her at HOME ALONE… My stoopid moom brain had this vision of my precious baby hanging out at home ALONE all weekend and a murderer breaking into my house to get at her. Thinking back, I am going to guess that she probably had company pretty much the entire weekend. Female and probably even some male folk. Who cares. She hung out with pretty responsible kids for the most part and I laughed when I heard that she locked herself out of the house and had to break in through the bathroom window. There were times when I was a kid and The Commander somehow locked us out of the moomincabin and I had to crawl through the kitchen window and go open the door. In case that wasn’t clear, The Comm was ALSO locked out, standing on the deck with grokkeries and laundry and whatever.

I got off on a long tangent there but I was thinking about how lucky my little girl was to have a dad whose main mission was to keep her safe, although I was a big part of that too. But her dad is a lot like my dad. My dad, the WWII B29 pilot type person who wasn’t afraid of anything all those years I was growing up.

It was was a bit disconcerting to me when my old coot got a bit older and I had kids and his reason for wanting me to put the glass windows back in the moomincabin doors on a hot night (complicated to explain those doors) was because he thought that a bear might come into the cabin. I mean, I am afraid of bears. Bears live in the forest near the moomincabin and I have seen their scat and yearlings are occasionally seen on various resident’s decks checking out the bird feeders, et al.

But bear sightings near the beach are pretty rare and when we were all kids we played outside all over the place and nobody ever worried about bears. I have yet to see a bear anywhere near the moominbeach but I think this fish has been mounted over the front door to ward them off. Maybe? Ernest and Alfred are also good bear deterrents. Alfred is also good at flushing out Pine Martins (and chasing them away).

7 Responses to “Trespassers (and bears) will be eaten!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Did the trout break in? Or follow a bear in? (Or maybe it’s not a trout?)

  2. l4827 Says:

    Glad to see the opening of the north is occurring at least from here, down under in A2. Watching polar explorers on Discovery now, a little vicarious experience at least. Oh to be BPing soon …. :-).

  3. jay Says:

    I was afraid of the bears on the nights when Kathie & I would sleep out in a tent. Of course our bears were just Jimbo & Kevin.

  4. Margaret Says:

    I’m terrified of bears. I would love to go to Alaska, but I’m not sure I can get over my phobia. Too many Reader’s Digest articles about campers being eaten or mauled. Ugh.

  5. isa Says:

    I think that the first time I broke into the house was the weekend Colleen, Jess, Jackie, Laura and I (might have that list a little wrong) dyed hair in the Blue and Only Bathroom. When we got locked out we were on our way back from Kroger where we were buying hair dye, and in the middle of a massive downpour. Don’t think there were any males around…

  6. Paulette Says:

    That is a funky fish, sure to protect you from all kinds of critters! Love it.

  7. DogMomster Says:

    Makes me think of a Chinook, for some reason… always thought Chinook looked a little scary!