Staying away from toilets

I am absolutely drowning in papers and rules and regulations and flotsam and jetsam and cosmic debris this week.

I was doing so well with my flinging prodject (intentionally misspelled) and then we brought home a bunch of stuff from The Commander’s house and now my house looks like a tornado hit it. I have to go through that stuff carefully. I can’t just fling things in envelopes without reading them. I mean, back when my great-aunt Ann (I am NOT named after her. She was wonderful to all of us but… Grrrr…) was moved out of her apartment, the then vibrant G2 family members who cleaned it out found envelopes everywhere with dollar bills, etc., in them. Total take? I don’t remember but it was a grand or two or three. That was a lot of money back in those days. The Comm did NOT squirrel away cash like that. I am looking for other stuff in her correspondence. Moom, I will *not* throw anything away until I have read it and thought about it. Please know that…

So what else… There are a few things but the main thing is that I am writing this blahg entry from my ancient (2007) white MacBook. I gave this computer to The Commander when she moved into Freighter View. I bought my new MacBook Pro lemon last June and I figured that if I stripped all of the crap off of my old (working) MacBook, it would be a good computer for The Commander. And it was. For a while… I have it back now and although I don’t really need it in the grand scheme of things, it is useful for the moment since I can’t use my fancy new MacBook Pro lemon.

2 Responses to “Staying away from toilets”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That is going to happen to us when Ashley moves back from NYC. I’m excited for it, yet also wondering where in the world we’ll put everything until she goes to LA. Ack!! Having a lemon computer or car is a royal pain in the butt.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Interesting (to me) that your ‘ancient’ Macbook is 5 years old, but you are reading through correspondence that may go back decades. Think about the technology your Mom saw as a child and what she was using as a sharp nonamoom!