Our new home…

Yes. This is it. We have adopted the “Small House” philosophy, where people live in houses that have less than, oh, I dunno, maybe 200 square feet. So this is our new house. Except that there’s a problem and that is that this house is in Bird Hills Park. Which is a public park and we would have to park our vee-hickles outside the park. Somewhere. I do not think that the parking lot allows long-term parking.

I am not sure who built this dwelling. Was it homeless folks in the park? Was it neighborhood children? I don’t think so. I am gonna guess it is adult males living in the neighborhood of Bird Hills Park. Adult males who may or may not have children. I may be wrong but I do not think too many folks try to actually *live* in Bird Hills Park. I suppose one could live there but it is a long hike to get from there to any kind of a grokkery store. Like I already said.

I am taaarrred tonight and I am wishing I knew exactly where the heck I need to put my foot next.

Love y’all


3 Responses to “Our new home…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not much flinging required in that abode!! 😉

  2. Sam Says:

    Up works. With the other foot next to it. Some folks might say down, but I think we need to be positive. RE: Margaret—that dwelling looks like it is the result of a flinging episode!

  3. pooh Says:

    “One foot up, with the other one next to it”, sounds like some of the instructions my yoga teacher gives. “Um, what?” my mind says, then sneaks a peek at the others to see what the pose should look like. I’m not good (yet) at any of the inversion poses, so I hope nobody is looking at me, to see what to do!