Some days…

Yesterday was one of *those* days…

A flurry of sorta angst-producing phone calls at work (not work related). At one point, I felt so close to crying that I had to take a walk. I didn’t (cry, that is). I talked myself down off that ledge. Calm and patience. Not my strongest suits but I am learning. (Don’t worry, in the grand scheme of things, this was a teensy tinesy little blip. Nothing to fret about. Just some unexpected stuff to deal with on a previously boring day and it overwhelmed me for a few minutes.)

A nexus of angsty-type text / email / phone calls after work. (Not sure if “nexus” is the right word here but I’m gonna go with it anyway.).

LOTS of activity at the normally comatose Landfill. People *gardening* in the back yard. People (from Callyforny) sleeping in the crumby (read that word carefully) old fold-out couch. (Actually, when I saw the mattress pad down by the washing musheen this morning, I panicked a bit, thinking, “rodent turds?” Thankfully not! Or else people aren’t ‘fessin’ up <grin>) BTW… It is *wonderful* to have 20-something daughters who have lived on their own long enough that, when they visit your house and put up friends overnight, they actually take the initiative to make long-neglected beds for guests, etc. That said, I’m not sure I can take credit for teaching them how to do laundry. That is, I don’t remember teaching the Beach Urchins to do laundry but when they were young and we were staying at the moominbeach for a few weeks in the summer, The Commander and I took them on a weekly trip to the laundromat. By the time they were in middle school, they were doing their own laundry. Boy oh boy, am I rambling or what? Hee! Once, they were mis-behaving at the laundromat [wiggles eyebrows] and the laundromat lady [a friend of The Comm] gave them a little bit of discipline. Yes I felt about two inches high <grin>.

Finally. A loooonnng [but non-angsty] phone conversation with the wondrously patient Planet Ann Arbor uber puano piano tuner / rebuilder / advisor / guru. He helped me immensely in sorting out the steps I need to take to solve my two-old-puano-piano situation. And encouraged me to talk myself down off the ledge if an expert (or two) deems one (or both) of these puanos pianos to be not worth fixing. Thanks Nelson. I think I love you.

Today? Soooooo much more calm. KNOCK ON WOOD BIGTIME!!!

Love y’all,

P.S. Ann Arbor, do not even try to tell me where I can and can’t walk!!

2 Responses to “Some days…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Angst is my middle name!! Glad today was better. It’s all those small things that bring us down, isn’t it? They are overwhelming.

  2. isa Says:

    Mom where’s that pic! Can I blog it on Damn Arbor?