Kerplink Kerplank Kerplunk

I missed a baby shower today. I hate to miss baby showers. I love to be at those events. I like to support the new moms in my family and cackle with the old moms. I had to miss The Beautiful Renee’s shower. I felt awful about that. But. I live in a tangled web of Fin and Macmu and Courtois and it goes on forever… This weekend I spent inordinate amounts of time packing up The Commander’s beauteous things. Wrapping all kinds of stuff in bubblewrap and packing it into boxes. Separating out a very very few items that I remember from my childhood and deciding how to distribute the rest. Even though The Commander was not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, at the end of today, I felt just a bit overwhelmed. But I do have to pack this stuff up myself… 10 more boxes and another gigantic reel of bubble wrap and I might be done… … … … … Maybe…

So I was not down in Megalopolis today to attend The Beautiful Renee’s baby shower. Fortunately, Lizard Breath was able to attend, bring one of her fave childhood books for the new baby and extend my apologies.

Me… Well, after we got back out to the moominbeach with our latest load, I was tinking around in the moomincabin and none other than my cousin The Beautiful Jan arrived! Soooooo good to see her again. Then I took a walk and ran into The Beautiful Gina on the road. We are not related but our grandfathers bought the beach land together and the Mcs and the Fins have known each other since we were children. So good to see her too.

I am being maudlin. The photooo? This was my status on facebook in the late afternoon today:

Status: Having a ‘hattan. Watching the Stewart Cort go up. Watching a seiche form. Hotter than Hades on the beach. Cooler up in the woods. Flutterbys flitting by. Launching southbound at 0-skunk-30

Good night and love y’all.

2 Responses to “Kerplink Kerplank Kerplunk”

  1. Sam Says:

    Greetings from the root end of the peninsula, where our beach (temporary; for the overnight) is on another Great Lake.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a productive, and mostly good day. Sometimes you have to miss events in order to get stuff accomplished. I’ve been missing lots of things lately, mainly due to familial health reasons. 🙁 Love the photo!!