Is he gonna wear this shirt all weekend?

I dunno. We drove to Houghton Lake today. I actually took the afternoon off. I needed a break. We hauled kayaks on top of our vee-hickle plus the usual Courtois hillbilly trailer. I ended up driving that rig for a while. I do not like to drive when we are pulling a trailer and the only time I have ever pulled the Beverly Hillybillies trailer before is once when we were driving home from Houghton Lake after a ski weekend and the GG was feeling pukey and I had no choice. I managed… Today the GG was okay but very sleepy. I reeeealllly didn’t wanna drive with the trailer(s) but I ended up driving this rig for the end stage of our trip. It was okay. The trailer handled very well for me and the GG got to take a well-deserved nap.

And so we got here and we managed to fight off all of the exhaustion that set in for us in the late afternoon. Pre-marinated kebabs from the Best Choice Market. Lawn-mowing. Cooking. Eating. Sitting down by the shore until the Lord and Lady of Linden returned for the evening. Talk and TV and whine and popcorn. Good night! KW.

(Er, roight KW. Way to repeat yourself about a 100 times. Nothing like blahgging at that hour of the night when you have long since turned into a pumpkin.)

One Response to “Is he gonna wear this shirt all weekend?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks beautiful there and I understand the exhaustion. I had to drive Alison’s boyfriend to the airport tonight and I was wiped!! I would be terrified driving while hauling a trailer. I can barely drive my SUV. 😉