Catch your dreams before they slip away

Remember the MI HB 5711 from yesterday? It passed. Of course. I expected the Michigan Misogynists to pass it. They didn’t vote on all of it though and that’s a good thing. For now. And I am not going to go into the gory details on my blahg. What the Michigan Misogynists did do was ban a female representative from speaking for using the word “vagina”. There’s a video here. The speaker is Lisa Brown. She’s the second speaker and her use of the term “vagina” comes near the end of her speech. I wonder what word would have been more “decorous”? “Hoo-ha”, maybe? Pro-choice women of Michigan? Who voted the Michigan Misogynists into offce? Let’s send these misogynists to the moon (or just back home) in November! We can “create jobs” et al without inserting some weird Christian version of Sharia law.

Maybe this is anticlimactic but Henry? I love you but you count as one of my annoyances. Every “Mother’s Day” I go out and buy a couple of flats of multi-colored impatiens and plant them in big round pots. Just like The Commander used to do. And they always seem to flourish. Sometimes when we’ve been outta dodge or I’ve been neglecting them, they get to looking a little sad but a wee leetle beet of water works wonders within a day or two. This year? Oh my god. *All* of them went downhill in short order. I thought that either my black thumb was somehow working behind my back or that The Comm was messing with me from the other side. But then the GG noticed that it looked like my beauteous flowers were being nibbled. Henry? You are lucky you (and your family) are so dern cute.

On the other hand, I have basil and tomato plants in pots on my loverly patio and *they* seem to be doing fine, thank you very much with fingers vigorously crossed that they stay that way.

Shopping? My Mouse took me shopping today! I was mostly buying things for Mouse but I love shopping with a buddy and I love buying things for my kids. Really! I used to have shopping buddies. The Commander was one of the best. I mean, her first couple of careers were in retail and she loved to shop. I can shop for grokkeries on my own and I buy most of my clothes online now (really) but other stuff makes me hyperventilate. It’s been a long time since I have done any serious shopping with The Commander because in the last few years shopping was getting to be a challenge for her. But shopping never quite left her blood and I will always remember when she spent Christmas 2010 down here on The Planet and I took her to the Plum Market and there were a few times that she was so agog that I had to mitigate the all-too-familiar situation where an elderly person is blocking traffic. (Of course I did that over at Ace Hardware today and it was because I was trying to walk and text! I did apologize.)

2 Responses to “Catch your dreams before they slip away”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I can’t remember where it was, (and way too tired to try and find it on the interwebs), but some female legislators wrote a bill that was similiar to the anti birth control/abortion legislation, only for ED drugs. E.g., any person wanting to get a prescription for ED had to go to counseling, wait 24 hours, be advised on all the side effects, etc. Now if they only had to run a gauntlet of protesters, ala those who think it’s their business to picket and harass anyone trying to go to Planned Parenthood, for whatever reason.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Heh heh, I hear they’re going to perform “The Vagina Monologues” on the capital steps. Love it!