Seeing red. Or yellow, at least…

Boy oh boy, am I getting to hate driving. At least the kind of driving I have to do around here. I used to take the freeway to work all the time. Well, except when it was snowing or raining torrentially. I am lucky to have a choice of routes (and a boss who doesn’t expect me to punch a time clock).

Last Friday afternoon, there was [yet another] accident on one of the freeways that surround The Planet Ann Arbor. If you are not squeamish, you can click on this link to’s follow-up story today. If you don’t want to click, the gist is that a Ford Explorer traveling in the left of two lanes and driven by a mother with four of her own children and two teenaged step-children rolled over several times and the two teenagers died in the crash. Witnesses have reported that a Honda Odyssey with a temporary license in the window ventured into the Explorers lane and *hit* (sideswiped?) it but continued on. Nobody seems to know exactly what happened or where the heck the Odyssey is.

Honestly, there are too damn many vee-hickles on the roads and many of them are going way too damn fast. I can’t help but wonder if this was caused by an impatient driver who was trying to pass the Explorer on the right. Passing on the right is illegal in this state and it is dangerous. I cannot count how many times I have been in the left lane passing a slow vee-hickle *behind* a bunch of slow vee-hickles and some asshole gets sick of riding behind me, swerves over to the right and then tries to jockey back into the left lane in front of me just as I am actually *passing* the slow vee-hickle I’ve been waiting in line to pass. I dunno if that is what happened in that horrific accident but slow down people fer kee-reist!

I drive freeways all the time but somehow since The Commander died, I have not been taking the freeway to work. It is only a five mile stretch for me but the on-ramp is as scary as hell. It is a slow (*20* mph) merge and you cannot see what kind of traffic you are trying to merge with until you are literally *on* the merge ramp. Good luck if there are three huge semis chugging along in the right lane… I will take that stretch of freeway again but for the moment, I cannot do it. I cannot exactly explain why. Maybe because I don’t want to tempt fate…

I am seeing yellow on my dashboard but I am seeing red about a lot of other things. But we won’t go there tonight!

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