Now that I’m a certifiable hillbilly, I wanna know whar’s mah cee-ment pond!

Yeah, I know. Two things. 1) The Planet Ann Arbor is not the hottest place on earth (or even in the U-nited Snakes of Amercia). 2) I can just about betcha that everybody *on* the Planet Ann Arbor who has a smart phone has posted a screenshot of the temperature on some planet somewhere in the social media universe.

But it is hot! It is frickin’ hot! As npJane once commented on some frickin’ hot day some other decade. Or maybe it was a frickin’ cold day that time. I can’t remember. We get both and everything in between. What we are not getting this June is rain and since Black Thumb Banana actually has some things planted that are *thriving*, she is not a particularly happy camper.

I really don’t want a cee-ment pond here but I am wishing I had one of those old plastic KMart kiddie pools right now. Those things always made extreme heat kind of tolerable. Like the summer of 1988 when we went through about a month of 95-105 temps *every* day and no rain. A true drought. “They” aren’t saying that about this summer yet. Mouse emulated the heat wave by coming down with roseola and spiking temps up to 104 or 105 herself. In one of the more bizarre parenting moments I’ve experienced, I sat with her in one of those plastic pools to help her cool off.

Later on, I have good memories of biking around to various playgrounds with the beach urchins when they were elementary school age on hot evenings and then letting them bathe and wash their hair in the pool. And there was that very surreal night when Mouse and I were home alone on a horrifically hot Friday night. I sat with my feet in the pool. Mouse somehow had half a *tricycle* in the pool and Froggy was learning to drive in the Little Tykes car that I didn’t want the neighbors to give back to me. I wish I had a blahg back then. I wish I had a digital camera back then. I wish I had had the foresight to at least write about that whole episode for posterity.

100 is hot for here. Mid-80s is more the usual. It could be worse. This is actually a kind of a “dry” heat. There is actually a decent breeze, one that bears a hint of coolness. Usually when it is this hot around here, the humidity is high, the air is stagnant, and the Landfill feels like a swamp. I took that 100 degree screenshot on my iPhone as I was walking to the Plum Market in the late afternoon. I was maybe a little slower than usual but not that much. Maybe I am finally getting acclimated to heat?

Of course, I could always cave and turn on the Landfill’s relatively newly installed central A/C…

One Response to “Now that I’m a certifiable hillbilly, I wanna know whar’s mah cee-ment pond!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not used to temps that hot and would wilt away. 😉 It’s barely breaking 70 here and rain is coming in. It saves me watering the plants, so I’m thankful. I would like a nice day for the 4th though.