Listen to the birdies sing, quack quack.

I bet y’all are ready for something a little lighter or at least easier to understand. And so am I. Froggy desperately wanted to help with this post by posting one of his “little ditties” but he doesn’t realize how much production work is involved in creating one of his “little ditties”. Maybe I’ll indulge him sometime this weekend if I am actually home *alone* for more than five minutes. Or maybe not. Today, I am just barely gonna get a blahg entry out there, so he’ll have to wait.

Anyway, I’m officially coming out of the closet today. I am a twitterer. Or tweeter or whatever you call it. If you look over on the right, you’ll see my latest three twitters or tweets or whatever you want to call them.

I forget why I joined up with Twitter in the beginning. Essentially, Twitter is a place where you can “tweet” (or whatever) whatever it is you are doing at the moment. You only get 140 characters, so it’s a mini-blahg of sorts. You can “tweet” things like, “washing the dishes”, “driving to the grokkery store”, “vacuuming the front room”, “putting a load of laundry in”. You name it. When I first joined it, I didn’t know anybody on it. A few people found me. My “webguy” (*not* the GG, what were you thinking?) and some people who maybe thought that “kayakwoman” might be cool or something. Er, not. But. I pretty much neglected Twitter for a while and then one day, I got the email that tmotu had started following me! Oh, sigh, another porn person. But it wasn’t, it was the GG. And then in short order, I had my kids. For about a nano-second, I thought something like, “They’ve invaded my space!” I was just a bit ticked off. For a nano-second. But, what the heck, I kept on *anyway*. And then. Archaeofacts started following me. And once Archaeofacts was on board, that was it. I was in. Even though she is legitimately a bit skeptical.

But, yaknow what? I stopped being snarky and skeptical and I realized that I *needed* to have a place to “tweet” stuff sometimes. Things that aren’t big enough to write a whole blahg about but are, well, something to say to the world. Or my world, at least. And I enjoy getting tweets from the people that I know and love. Some of whom are not totally comfortable with full-blown blahgging.

And that is Chloe Belle in the picture, dressed up in one of her fine outfits, on the dock at Houghton Lake, chasing ducks! She looks like a frou-frou dog but she is most definitely *not* a frou-frou dog!

2 Responses to “Listen to the birdies sing, quack quack.”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    methinks you missed the addition of Dog Momster to your Twitter World…. not that I’m offended (well, maybe a just little 😉 LOL), but actually, didn’t *you* invite me to invade the Wonderful World of Twitter?

    Yeah, I tweet. It’s actually a bit easier than a Real Blog. I only have time to think in fits & starts, which is tweets and twitters, I guess….

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    … if you didn’t invite me to Twitter, who did? I know I got a “so-and-so wants to follow you” message (via email) way back that prompted me to join……

    [now i’m gonna be up all night trying to remember *who*….]