Blue on the 4th of July

One of my favorite women on earth showed up at the annual 4th of July beach party with blue-painted toenails. And a drink in her hand. I love this woman, the one who taught me how to swim when I was a little kid and welcomed me into her cabin to play with her kids for so many years.

I have missed the last couple of 4th of July parties for one reason or another. The Commander attended the last one. I was not there. I figured that The Comm would manage to attend one or two or three more of these parties. But it was not to be. We had one member of the G2 generation at this year’s party and two others will arrive tomorrow. And that’s pretty much it.

I loved this party and I could’ve almost talked into 0-dark-30 with friends who remembered my mother (and my dad and *his* parents). I greatly appreciated the grace that Brigid said before we ate. She honored my mom and others of my mom’s generation and I am humbled by what an honorable and productive person my mom was and by how much so many people loved her. I hope I can live up to that. I also appreciated that I ended the evening talking to a bunch of guys who seemed to get that I am just about as geeky as them. Love y’all too.

I am sitting down on the beach watching the faaaarworks over Bay Mills right now and I am not sure that what I have written makes a whole heckuva lotta sense. But I loved today’s party and reconnecting with so many friends and relatives and I think I will just do some *down* time tomorrow. Finally.

Love Love Love. KW

One Response to “Blue on the 4th of July”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love that too; don’t know if that means we’re getting “old” when we enjoy reminiscing about those good old days and our dearly departed relatives. I did that with some childhood friends last week; their parents were my parents’ best friends, so we shared and laughed and cried.